Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Raghav drunk says I know I am bad man and you don’t talk to bad people than why this cake drama and throws jacket on the cake, Raghav says you hate me right, go away get lost, I lived till now and so will again, no one wants to stay with me Amma, Kirti, you and I am a devil so beware of me and run away, go run, why you not going you want cake money, typical middle class here is your money, qnd throws money on her and says take all this money and go Pallavi, okay you are not going I will go and sleep somewhere, while taking coat, cake falls, Raghav says I am sorry bye and falls down and keep murmuring I will live alone, Pallavi picks Raghav and takes him to washroom, and throws him under shower.

Pallavi leaving, Raghav holds her hand and pulls her inside and says don’t leave me alone and go, I dont want to live alone, I cant stay alone please don’t go.

Raghav yells at staff and asks to close curtains, he sees Pallavi and wakes up, Raghav asks where are my clothes, Pallavi says drink this lemon water and tablets, Raghav asks tell me where are my clothes, Pallavi says behave, Raghav asks what happened last night, Pallavi says nothing happened, your clothes were wet, Raghav asks who removed my clothes, Pallavi blushes, Raghav asks what, Pallavi says Farhad changed it, Raghav says thank god, Pallavi says you happy a guy changed your clothes, Raghav says quite.

Pallavi says you are arrogant, insensitive and rude and you have to change, Raghav says no chance, Pallavi says there is chance, and I will keep trying because I have seen you change, Raghav says will you stay here if I change, Pallavi says I will go arrange breakfast and leaves.

Milind on call asks Sulochana how is everything, Sharda asks Amruta to get ready quickly as she has to wash clothes, Sharda while checking clothes realises the note she received yesterday is missing, Milind asks Sharda what is she finding, Sharda says yesterday’s letter, Milind says check your room, Sharda says I dont want Vijay to read it.

Kirti gets a call and thinks its Sunny. Jaya asks Kirti why was she so upset, Kirti sees tattoo and smiles and thanks her, Jaya saya yiur idiot friend spoiled my surprise, Pallavi walks in, Kirti thanks Pallavi and apologize for Sunny, Pallavi says your advice is choosw friends wisely.

Pallavi asks Jaya is she fine, Jaya asks how is your father, Pallavi asks you tell me why you are so upset after the robbery incident, Jaya says the past of Raghav makes me worry, be alert, Pallavi also thinks it may be Raghav is behind all this.

Farhad tells Raghav how he spoiled everything, Raghav says I was upset about Kirti and drank too much I don’t remember anything, Farhad says bhabhi put you under shower, and so I had to remove all your clothes, Jaya hears Farhad say I removed your clothes, Farhad says bhabhi left and I did my work. Jaya walks in and says Farhad why are you in Raghav’s bedroom, you will only work in office or study, go out, Jaya says Raghav find Farhad a girl he should get married.

Vijay restless, Sharda asks what is it why are you angry, Vijay says all are only talking about my arrest, Sharda says ignore people all was misunderstanding, Mansi says is it or was it on purpose, it was all done by Raghav, Man again spying on Deshmukh’s, Mansi says Kaka took bag from Raghav and he has keys to this house too, he did all this.