Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Pallavi reaches shop and sees a shop being destroyed she stops the JCB and asks what is all this, Authority says this shop is illegal , Pallavi says there is some confusion check the papers and I will call owner, Jagdish comes there says this is not my shop any more I sold it to Raghav Rao, Pallavi says how can you……

Raghav visits Jagdish gives him money and says Pallavi’s shop is mine now….

Jagdish tells Pallavi that Raghav is owner, go meet him and take papers and show them that this shop is not illegal, Jagdish picks sarees and says this is of no use now I will use it for my valentine. Pallavi begs to authority to stop, they gjve her time till 5 PM.

Sharda on call with marriage bureau agents, Vijay says stop this, Sharda says Pallavi didn’t sleep all night seeing an accident, Vijay says she doesn’t need husband to live, Sharda says I have seen pain in her eyes, I know why you are so scared but this time I will look after everything and then tell Pallavi.

Pallavi reaches Raghav’s house, Raghav meets her, Pallavi says I have urgent work, Rama stops her says he os very busy, please sit he will see you in sometime. Pallavi waiting for Raghav, Raghav watching her in CCTV. Farhad tells Raghav Amma is in ICU still.
Raghav asks to lower AC temperature in waiting area.

Sulochana follwos Jagdish and starts running behind him to hit him, Sulochana says how dare you sell the shop, Jagdish says I am business man, you gave me 5 lakhs, Raghav gave me 30 lakhs.

Krishna gives Pallavi call and authorities ask her to come first, Raghav plays loud music, Authorities get angry. Pallavi drops Krishna message to keep them waiting and she will come with papers. Pallavi shivering in cold and troubled with loud music, her blouse gets torn by mistake.

Sulochana messing whole room to find something, finds papers of house and burns them, and says I will buy this house from Pallavi. Pallavi rushes to Raghav and begs him to listen to her, Raghav gives his.jacket to Pallavi. Raghav says don’t come to my house like beggars, Pallavi tells she needs papers, Raghav hands her papers and says your shop is 30 min away but you have 15 min all the best. Pallavi rushes.

Pallavi’s sandal breaks while running, a bike dashes her and papers fall down, Pallavi starts looking for paper’s, Pallavi sees lord Ganesha Palkhi and papers fallen in Palkhi, Pallavi picks paper and sees she has only 2 min left.