Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Mansi says this is all Raghav’s plan and Sharda aunty is hiding this from you and shows letter to Vijay, Vijay asks what all is this, Mansi says let me read, and reads Sharda yiur husband is trapped by Raghav. Vijay says you hide this from me all the time, Mansi says enough of hiding truth, why don’t we fight against Raghav and why is Pallavi with him, get Pallavi back and we can taje action against Raghav, Milind says enough Mansi, Vijay says she is right and now just watch and leaves. Mansi says Pallavi I won’t let you enjoy your married life after breaking my marriage.

Pallavi in kitchen thunks about Jaya’s words, Pallavi gets call from Krishna, Krishna asks when should she come for Nawaab order planning, Pallavi says come by 12.
Raghav walks to Pallavi and says I got little surprise for you, and gives her cupcake and says I ruined everything last night sorry. Pallavi accepts cupcake and says please make cake again when you think I deserve it, I will be waiting, And says let me help you with arranging breakfast and leaves wity bowls

Raghav asks Kirti to pass juice, she ignores him, Pallavi about to ask Kirti what happened, Vijay Milind Sharda walk in, Jaya welcomes them.
Vijay says we are here to chit chat, Vijay asks Raghav what does he think of himself and wants to control everyone and will do whatever you want to satisfy your ego, Pallavi says what are you saying, Vijay says you won’t talk in between I am talking to a culprit, Raghav says enough Vijay Deshmukh, you always keep blaming me instead of thanking me, Vijay says why because you sent me jail to prove you are good in front of your wife and mother, Raghav says enough of your blame gane, I respect you because of Pallavi, don’t let me come to my evil self or it will be difficult to you, so get yourself on track. Vijay says I am not scared of your threats I will stand against you.

Pallavi reads the letter, Raghav says to Vijay, what do you have to stop me, Vijay says the truth will destroy you. Raghav says you are and your perspective is wrong, you should not he giving this lecture, Jaya says enough Raghav, he is right, Raghav says Amma I didnt do anything, Jaya says for once be responsible, you did same with Pallavi and now using Vijay to stop Pallavi, I know how you can do to get your things, Raghav says Amma trust me I didn’t do anything, Jaya says to Vijay, I apologise, Vijay says I don’t want apologises from you, this bitterness will never go, just allow me to take my daughter home and I will look at you with some respect.

Vijay says I won’t let Pallavi’s life ruin with Raghav and holds Pallavi’s hand. Raghav looks at Pallavi. Vijay says Pallavi lets go. Pallavi remembers how Vijay threw her out of house and stops him, Vijay gets furious, Pallavi says Baba I am not going anywhere, Raghav smiles.
Pallavi walks to Raghav and stands beside him, Vijay says I knew you would, Pallavi says enough, my husband is innocent, Jaya says Pallavi Raghav has done this always, how can you trust, Pallavi says he never attacks like this, he always does everything in front of everyone he never hides, he has always accepted his mistake, and about this letter anyone can type this and give you, Raghav came there to unite me with you not trouble, he fights hars because of his nature but today his fight isnt wrong, I am sorry but I am with Raghav, because I know I am right even now, no proof can break this trust.

Vijay says I knew you would do this Pallavi, I was fool to think you will stand with your family but I forgot you have forgetten your relations, Pallavi says you are again taking me wrong and I am with him because I know he isn’t wrong, Vijay says I came here to save you from this evil man, but looks like you don’t want to and you Raghav Rao, I wont leave you, you will be destroyed and I will send you jail, and leaves.