Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Vijay and Sharda scold Pallavi for not informing things and taking decisions on her own, Pallavi apologize says she is very hungry, Sulochana sees them says such a liar, sometimes I wish to go and tell Vijay dada truth but I don’t want blame on me for his health

Pallavi gets call from Hyderabad news, for her shop they tell her they saw her donating blood and will come tomorrow morning, Pallavi tells Vijay she will give interview with him and to wear silk kurta for same.

Raghav distributing sweets in hospital as Amma is fine, Raghav hugs doctor and apologize for misbehaving and thanks him, Raghav asks can he see Amma from far, Kirti denies and says even god doesn’t want you with us and so sent someone else so please stay away from us.

Hyderabad news taking interview of Vijay and Pallavi for their saree shop, Amruta says to Sulochana I should be infront of camera and not this ugly Pallavi, Vijay says I would thank this city for all the success I got here, Pallavi remembers Raghav’s threats of leaving the city.

Mansi and Pallavi together, Mansi says such great interview, Pallavi says I have to meetr Rama Swami and sort all the misunderstanding. Raghav is being showcased as womaniser and rich brat in news, Farhad says this media does anything, Raghav sees Pallavi’s interview, Farhad asks Raghav to let her go, Raghav says I will throw this girl out if this city she will bear consequences for troubling my mother.

Pallavi visits Oldage home and asks for Savitri, she is told Savitri is on leave, Pallavi asks for Mr. Rama Swami number, she says he is private person can’t give his number if he picks call you can talk, Raghav doesn’t pick call.

Pallavi meets auto rickshaw man who tells her he is carrying 50,000₹ all his savings for his daughters wedding, Pallavi sees he is unwell and asks him to go visit doctor, he says I am.carrying lot if money can’t with this amount and if I keep home there are chances of getting stolen, he says you are Pallavi Deshmukh keep this money with you and I will come tomorrow, and forces money in her hand and leaves.

Pallavi tells Sharda about it, Police comes to Deshmukh house and ask for Pallavi tell her there’s a complain lodged against her and she needs to go Police station, rickshaw mab says she stole my money, Pallavi says Anna you gave me money why are you doing this, Sulochana says Pallavi you could ask me money why did you steal, Pallavi keeps saying I didn’t steal, Sharda says here is your money, Rickshaw man says this is 50,000₹, i had 70,000₹, Pallavi says you gave me 50,000₹, Pallavi is dragged into Police van and taken away.
Everyone asks why was Pallavi taken away, Sulochana says theif insulted us, Sharda scolds Sulochana says she would never do this.

Raghav very happy, Farhad asks why is this smile, he gets a call that Amma will be discharged today, Raghav says I will drop.them home today, Raghav disguises himself.
Amma and Kirti about to go, a driver comes there says Raghav sir sent this car for you, Amma says Jaya Rao can still walk, and asks Kirti to get Taxi, Raghav gets Taxi, Amma and Kirti get into Taxi.

Vijay and Sharda reach police station, Inspector Swami say Pallavi is not in this police station, Pallavi is taken to unknown place, Pallavi is handcuffed her face is covered and she is pushed out.