Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Seema shows Pallavi that saree’s color is coming out, Seema says my staff is in hot region and these saree’s wont work, please understand, Raghav says yes understand this wont work, Seema says I like your service so I want 70% discount or order cancel, Raghav says pitty, Pallavi says I will send revised bill, and asks for washroom and leaves.

Pallavi asks for phone to Seema, and says she has to make urgent call, and asks Seema to dial number and says dial 100, Seema says police, Pallavi says yes.

Amruta says to Sulochana do you also think Raghav and Pallavi have affair, Sulochana says I didn’t earlier but now I do in last 13 says she has got close to Raghav, Amruta says I so wish people insult Pallavi a lot and Raghav mine, Sulochana says do as I say and all will be yours.

Nikhil asks Rahul and Mansi what about Pallavi, Mansi says she isnt here yet, its her performance next.
Pallavi shows Seema Vinegar and Soda, Seema apologize to Pallavi, Pallavi says I have take. such big risk to come here, you are taking full payment from school and giving me 30%, you are working woman too, how can you cheat, Seema begs Pallavi not to call Police and that she will give double payment, Raghav says get double payment, Pallavi says she will go prison and I dont want extra money, Raghav says why worry about world this is your business and you rarely get such opportunities so just take it and invest in your business, Pallavi remembers her promise to Mansi and says god I have to reach sangeet for my performance.

Amruta comes on stage and calls out Pallavi’s name for performance, and keeps calling Pallavi’s name and starts cheering her name, Nikhil, Mansi, Rahul tensed, Sulochana says come soon Pallavi its time for your performance, Pallavi calls Mansi and says she will be here in 20 min, Nikhil says how will we manage 20min, Kirti says I will go announve my performance. Mansi thanks Kirti, Nikhil says lets wait for grand performance and lets have another fabulous performance by Kirti. Kirti begins her performance. Raghav and Pallavi on their wauyto Sangeet.

Pallavi reaches venue, she turns back to Raghav and says Thank you. Kirti’s performance finishes and Pallavi’s begin right after, Sulochana and Amruta angry to see her. Rahul and Mansi very happy. Raghav walks in sees Pallavi’s performance. Jaya pulls Raghav aside and slaps him, Sharda walks to Pallavi and looks at her in anger and says dont say a word lets go home we need to talk. Raghav says why slap me Amma, Jaya asks Raghav where did you take Pallavi what did you do to her, you asked me for a chance, you are not bad you said, I was happy to see you in this function and thought you were right but as always you proved me I am wrong, first you sent me to safe house and then forcefully took Pallavi away and why are you behind her, Raghav says I was saving Pallavi and also Ved you remember he was doing drugs business in name of Jayanti Jewels and I sent him jail and now he was released he was constantly attacking me and so I sent you and Kirti to safe house and as of Pallavi she was out for some work and was kidnapped by some goons and I saved her, but Amma even I lost my family and you think I forgot that day but everyday my day begins and ends with that day but because of that one incident you judge me everyday and take me wrong, you doubt your own upbringing, I am not always wrong but still I am sorry. Raghav leaves.

Sharda scolds Pallavi for her behaviour, that she left without safety, even Sulochana is talking this, I can understand if Nikhil Amruta did this mistake and you went with Raghav, when you know Vijay hates him, what was urgency to go with him so late, Pallavi says I was, Sharda says just tell me were you with Raghav…