Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Raghav puts necklace on Kirti, Kirti thanks Pallavi, Pallavi says thank Raghav he designed it for you, Kirti says thanks and leaves. Jaya leaves too. Raghav sees Pallavi’s finger and says god its bleeding should I book ICU, Pallavi gives him cold looks, Raghav gets first aid and applies ointment, Pallavi says it was fine it was just a pin, Raghav says you acted like your finger got cut into pieces, I am sure that night it was bollywood scene, Pallavi says it worked, Raghav says do watch Telgu for better content, Pallavi says bollywood is best, Raghav says Telgu, Sunny message Pallavi time to see Rocky.

Sunny and Rocky together, Pallavi and Farhad arrive, Farhad asks him how do you know Ragini and tell about the jewellery, Sunny says no man handling, Pallavi says its very serious he might land up in jail, Rocky says I don’t, I had to blackmail Ragini for jewellery to give Vijay Deshmukh, he was beard man and also made Ragini type letter, Pallavi says who is this man, Sunny says I dropped Rocky to a hotel to meet him, we can check CCTV, Pallavi asks Farhad to leave.

Sunny and Pallavi ask manager for CCTV footage, manager says a beard man threatened us and took away footage, Pallavi says he is very smart.
Pallavi thanks Sunny, Sunny says my friend was involved so I helped please keep him out of this, Pallavi says I promise.

Raghav in his study watching something, Pallavi walks to him, Raghav shuts laptop, Pallavi says I want to watch too, Raghav says I can’t without you, lets go for dinner, Pallavi says when all do you watch such kind videos, Raghav says twice or thrice a week, helps in office too, come you can watch too, Pallavi says please why will I watch with you disgusting, Raghav says whats wrong in CCTV footage, Farhad told me about Rocky so checking hotek footage, Pallavi says oh you arw that beard man.

Pallavi and Raghav watch footage together, Raghav says he is very smart he is hiding so nicely, Pallavi says must be some of your enemy, Raghav says it is definitely Ved, I will check in police station, Pallavi asks why are you behind this, Raghav says you trusted me for first time and I want to prove you right, Pallavi smiles and leaves.

Kirti on call with Sunny tells about helping Pallavi, Kirti asks him to stay out, Sunny says she just need help, Kirti says its Raghav for sure, Sunny says he might have done in past but not this time and yes I think Pallavi has hint about us.

Pallavi on call with Krishna, and gives cook menu for lunch and breakfast, and asks not to give Raghav protein powder and if he yells to talk about me, Krishna says full wife mode, Pallavi says stop it and come home we will finish order.
Kirti meets Pallavi and asks her to not tell Raghav about it, she wants Sunny to come out of trauma and then talk to family about it, Pallavi says his first impression was bad but yesterday he helped and yiu are mature enough to take your decision and I wont tell Raghav. Kirti thanks Pallavi.

Raghav thinking about Pallavi’s words about shaving, he thinks he will try once, Pallavi walks in says dont yiu look smart in beard, and realisez she shouldn’t say and leaves saying breakfast is ready.

Pallavi starts looking for her notes diary to complete order and finds laddu given by Milind and says god these are all spoilt I forgot about them, Pallavi sees the paper and shows its property paper part.

Pallavi shows it to Milind, Milind tells her the papers were given by Amruta and Sulochana, they come to conclusion it wasn’t loan but property papers.
Evereyone walk to them, Pallavi tells Vijay about it, Mansi says wow Pallavi stop blaming my mother, have some shame, Pallavi says I know I am talking truth here is proof, Pallavi tells Sharda that it was when you sent Laddu and I know Baba you won’t believe me but think once why will Raghav do this, when he saved you.