Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Raghav yells at Farhad and says send her out right away. Raghav performing pooja, Pallavi wakes up and confused where she is says I have to go home quickly all must be waiting for me. Pallavi sees Raghav’s picture, Farhad sees Pallavi isn’t in her room and starts looking for her. Mr Mehra says to Raghav he has performed pooja so dedicatedly he is impressed, Panditji asks Raghav to put this garland over goddess Parvati, its actually should be given to Raghav’s wife but since he is single will be given to Goddess Parvati.
Pallavi walks to Raghav and says how dare you, Raghav asks her to get out, Pallavi says enough of you, of dare you kidnap me, you are the cheapest person, you first burnt my raw material then my shop, then my kidnap what are your intentions, Raghav asks security to take her away, Pallavi asks them to back off, and says you call yourself Shiv Bhakt but Shivji was protector unlike you who only uses girls, you kept me away from my family do you have any idea how painful that might be for them but how would you know, you have no family or loved one and you are the only person in this world I hate and I promise I won’t leave Hyderabad do whatever.
Mr. Mehra says sorry Raghav we won’t continue business with you and spoil our image, Farhad tries to convince, Pallavi says you tried to ruin my life look at yours now and leaves. Raghav gets angry and throwd garland in his hand and it falls over Pallavi, Pallavi removes it keeps it aside and leaves.

Milind walks to his room, Sulochana asks him did he find Pallavi, Milind says no, Sulochana says you must be tired here have breakfast, Milind asks whats wrong with you, Sulochna says have tea, Milind drinks it and spits and says what nonsense is this, Sulochana says Neem Tea, you shameless man how did you go even after getting slapped. Amruta calls them out
Vijay with Pallavi says lets lodge complaint against thid fake kidnapping, Sulochana says what is this always going to Police station, let’s stay away, my daughter is going to get married. Pallavi says its fine now nothing such will happen again, and says I even lodged complaint and Kakunis right we need to focus on Mansi’s wedding. Nikhil tensed thinking did Pallavi find the truth.

Farhad says to Raghav why didn’t you tell me if you did this to her, Raghav says I didn’t kidnap her this is her new stunt to spoil my image, she challenged me right, I answered her all the time staying in limits not from now and leaves. Farhad thinking eho kidnapped Pallavi.
Suraj calls Nikhil says they won’t leave you and your family until they get their money and I saved Pallavi didi last night and leaving the city now……
(Nikhil gets a call that he lost 1.5 laks in online gambling, and Pallavi kidnapped for same and if Nikhil wont return money they wont return Pallavi)

Sharda and Vijay tensed for Pallavi, Sharda says she is hiding something, Vijay says its time to share pain.Sharda gets Pallavi Pohe, Pallavi says pack them I will eat in shop, Sharda says dont worry about shop,Vijay will look after today and he went too.
Pallavi gets call from krishna that Vijay is here in shop and to come urgently. Pallavi worried did Vijay see real account’s.

Pallavi reachs shop sees crowd and Krishna standing outside. Krishna rushes to her and says this crowd is here to buy sarees from us, Vijay serving tea to everyone and says Pallavi will come soon, Krishna says this is because of your interview, Vijay interacting with crowd, Nikhil rushes to them and says here are keys to shop Baba brought wrong keys, Pallavi says I will manage here on, Nikhil you go home with Baba, Vijay leaves.

Pallavi opens her shop and sees lingrie wear, Ladies call her liar, says you talk lies on interview and then cheat customers shame on you, Pallavi says this is definitely Raghav. Pallavi calls Raghav and finds his Phone in the shop, Raghav walks to her.