Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Jaya asks Pallavi why wear this saree, Pallavi says wait for some time, Raghav asks Farhad did you know Pallavi is a widow, Farhad says no, Raghav tensed Pallavi doesn’t tell Jaya truth, Jaya scolds Raghav and asks him to talk with Pallavi properly.

Media asks Pallavi why is she in white, Raghav says she will change come later and asks Pallavi to go and change, Pallavi says I am not, whitr color is my favourite and my identity and all are dying here to know our story, so let me tell everyone.
Pallavi addresses everyone, Jaya says to Raghav I hope I won’t be embarrassed by what she tells.

Sharda lights diya and sits alone, Milind walks to her with coffee says its not like how Pallavi made, Sharda says but its good, Milind says we were lucky to have Pallavi and again sacrificed for us, Sharda says she did stupidness, couldn’t she tell us, Milind says how will she, I was with her all the time, I saw her the situation, Sharda says but Pallavi is not a superwoman to go and help everyone, we are her parents and have right to deal with her happiness and she had promised me she would never take such decisions and she broke it, I will never forgive her, Sharda leaves. Milind says I just hope Pallavi teaches Raghav a good lesson.

Pallavi says everyone must be thinking how did a middle class girl marry Raghav and why is she wearing white, because I am a widow, I mean before I married I was a widow, it was a shock for me too like you are, Raghav forced me to marry him, sent my brother jail to marry him, Jaya slaps Raghav, Raghav realises he is just imagining things.

Jaya asks Raghav why is he nervous, Pallavi says the marriage was shocking for me because people asked me to forget colors and live a single life but these things never bothered me and my ex in laws were always with me and gave me all the happiness, I was independent and complete and very happy and then Raghav came into my life and you know what he did, something a normal man would never do, he infront of my whole family, changed whole life that night, so that night Raghav proposed me, and brought colors to my life, Jaya likes what Pallavi said, Pallavi says I want Raghav to propose me again, we had to marry in rush and so one was invited, Raghav accepted me a widow in his life and so everyone should see his greatness and so I want him to.out over me all the things that symbolises a married woman, maid gets a plate with saree, sindoor, bangles, necklace..
Pallavi calls Raghav. Jaya asks Raghav to go, Pallavi whispers to Raghav I had fun watching you wipe your sweat, now cmon show your greatness and not this anger.

Pallavi hands Raghav bangles, Raghav puts them in her hand, Pallavi hands him earrings, Raghav puts earrings on her, then necklace, Pallavi hands him saree, Raghav puts it over her head, Pallavi hands him mangalsutra, Raghav puts it im.her neck, Pallavi hands him sindoor, Raghav applies her sindoor, Jaya happy, Kirti confused.

Raghav asks guests to enjoy the party and have food, Kirti asks Jaya to hacw food its time for her medicine’s. Lawyer walks to Pallavi, Pallavi thanks him, Pallavi looks at Raghav and leaves.