Molkki 17th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Vipul calls out to Purvi. She looks up and is shocked to see Vipul. Priyu tries to help Sakshi. Purvi looks at Vipul in shock as he runs up to her. He saves her from a falling object. Sakshi finally uses the pipe to douse fire. Prakashi says we will get you out of there alive Purvi. Inside, Purvi feels dizzy. Vipul covers her with a blanket, lifts her in his arms and takes her outside safely. Anjali and Prakashi smirk.

Priyu thanks God. Sakshi asks Priyu about Vipul. Priyu says he is my friend who I told you about earlier. Sakshi says it is a relief that he saved Purvi without worrying about himself. Priyu thinks of how Vipul tried to save Purvi from her Molkki wedding. Nothing can happen to my Didi till the time Vipul is there. He has risked his life to save Di always He loves her a lot. Sakshi is taken aback.

Vipul makes Purvi sit on the sofa. Kids come and hug Purvi. Priyu also comes to check on her. Sakshi asks Purvi if she is fine. She notices Purvi looking at Vipul. She thinks this guy dint care for his life while trying to save her. Seems like Priyu is right. He still loves Purvi a lot. Maybe I wont find a better guy than him for Purvi. Vipul feels dizzy and passes out on the floor. Purvi stands up in shock.

Doc has checked Vipul. He tells Purvi and Priyu not to worry. I have done his dressing. He will wake up in some time and he will feel better too. Vipul opens his eyes. Priyu asks him if he is fine. He nods. Sakshi asks Vipul how he is feeling. He says I am fine. Sakshi thanks him for saving Purvi’s life. Priyu calls him an angel. He got a job here in Goa and told me. He brought me here to meet Di and ended up saving her. Vipul says you are saying anything. Thank you for taking care of me. Please allow me to leave now. Sakshi denies. Stay here till the time you are fine. It is our duty to take care of you. Vipul agrees. Purvi is in thoughts. Sakshi takes Priyu with her to show her the room. Let us know if you need anything. Purvi is here.

Sakshi asks Priyu to tell her more about Vipul. Priyu says we have grown up together in the same village. Vipul takes care of Di and almost everyone who needed help in village. He is a great guy. Sakshi nods. We saw that when he jumped to save Purvi in the fire. Priyu apologizes for earlier. I think I said a little too much back then. It is all in the past. Sakshi tells her not to apologize. I am also your elder sister like Purvi. You don’t need to hide anything or hesitate. I really want to know about them. Tell me more. Priyu says what I told you is true. He loves Di so much that he hasn’t married till date. He is a true lover. He is the only guy who had tried to stop the Molkki wedding. My Baba had ordered his goons to beat him and got Di married forcibly. Maybe God dint want them to be together either. Sakshi asks Priyu if Purvi liked Vipul too. Priyu says she did but she has forgotten her old life since her wedding. There is no place for Vipul in her mind or heart now. Sakshi tells her to rest in her room. I will send food in your room. Priyu nods and excuses herself. Sakshi thinks maybe Vipul is in Purvi’s destiny. Maybe I will compete their incomplete love story. That’s what I had wished for from God.

Virender calls Gupta ji. I told you to find a manager for my haveli in Goa. Gupta ji tells him to wait for a few days. He will reach there soon. Virender thanks him. I am relieved now. He ends the call. Virender asks Sakshi about everyone. Is everything alright? Sakshi tells him about the fire in godown. He asks her if everyone is fine. Sakshi tells him everything. He gets worried for Purvi but she tells him that a guy risked his life to save Purvi. He is a nice and brave guy like you. I don’t think there cannot be a better guy than him for Purvi. I think we should get them married. He tells her not to rush into anything. She says I am not rushing into anything this time. The guy who can risk his life for her can keep her happy too. Virender says you may be right but we don’t know anything about him. Sakshi says I have found out everything and tells him. Purvi and Vipul were good friends before Molkki. They liked each other. He still loves her. Purvi loved him too and wanted to marry him but her Molkki was done before anything else. Virender is stunned. Sakshi says I will complete their love by marrying them. Virender fumbles. We will think about that later. Show me a picture of that guy first. Sakshi says I have asked him to stay back here only. Virender asks her why she did that. Sakshi shares that he got hurt while saving Purvi. Let me introduce you to him.

Sakshi takes Virender to the guestroom. Purvi is there too. Virender looks at Vipul from outside. He recalls seeing Purvi and Vipul arguing once in Sakshi Mill before their Molkki. Sakshi takes Virender inside. Purvi and Virender look at each other. Virender thanks Vipul for saving Bawri’s life. Vipul calls it his responsibility. Anything can happen to me but I wont let anything happen to her. Virender looks at him pointedly. Vipul says we have grown up together so I worry for her sometimes. Sakshi says doc said he will take some time to recover so I asked him to stay back. I did the right thing, right? Virender nods. Ask Bhuri to look after Vipul. Sakshi says he risked his life to save Purvi so it is her duty to look after him. She asks Purvi if she will look after Vipul. Purvi says yes. Virender looks at her and then leaves without a word. Sakshi tells Vipul to take care.

Prakashi asks Anjali if she knows everything about Vipul by now. Anjali nods. He is an old lover of that Molkki. I found out about Vipul and Purvi’s incomplete story when I had gone to their village earlier. I brought this guy here. He very well knows what I have done for him. He will do as we say as he wants his Purvi at any cost. Prakashi gets confused. You are saying that you brought him here while he is saying that he came for a job. Anjali says I got him a job and I will help him get the girl too. Jeth ji was looking for a manager for his haveli so I spoke to Gupta ji and hired Vipul for the job. Now Vipul will be near Purvi all the time. Prakashi complements her on her plan. Anjali says Jeth ji will lose his calm while seeing them around each other all the time. Vipul will create a rift between Jeth ji, Sakshi and that Molkki.

Virender wonders if Bawri and Vipul really love each other. He thinks of the past moments with Purvi and of Purvi agreeing to take care of Vipul today. I saw them together once but I dint think of this. I wont be able to bear it if this is indeed true. Sakshi says I think we should speak to Vipul about the marriage at the right time. She notices his expressions and asks him if he isn’t happy with the decision. Virender says you are making the same mistake. We don’t know much about the guy. Sakshi says why should we know more when they know each other. He reasons that people change with time. It is a decision for life. Find out whether Vipul is single. Sakshi says I don’t repeat my mistakes. He is single. He tells her to find out if he has another girl in his life. Sakshi tells him what Priyu had told her earlier. He wouldn’t have risked his life to save Purvi if he dint love her. He loves her immensely. Only those who someone love like that can take such a big risk. Virender recalls how he had jumped in fire once to save Bawri. It is true. The one who can love someone can take such a big risk. Big question here is whether Purvi still loves him?