Molkki 18th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Purvi is sitting in a corner quietly. Vipul’s sudden re-entry in my life feels seems very strange. Virender sits next to her. What happened, Bawri? What are you thinking? She wipes her tears. How are you here suddenly? He says things are happening suddenly in their life lately. I dint even check on you after the incident in godown. How are you? She thanks Vipul came on time or I wouldn’t have been sitting in front of you like this. I would have died. He keeps his finger on her lips to shush her. don’t say this ever again! Nothing can happen to you till the time I am alive. She holds his hand. I know nothing can happen to me till the time you are around. You also know what we are together for some time only. I must leave the house sooner or later. She begins to walk away but he makes her look at her. Have you ever loved Vipul? She asks him why he is asking this weird question suddenly. He tells her to answer in yes or no. I saw you with Vipul once in Sakshi Mills. I overheard your convo and realised t6hat you were lovers. Purvi says that was a long time ago. It is true that I know him since childhood. I started liking him over the years and was going to marry him too but things changed. There is nothing in my heart now. All this seems to be from my last birth. You and the kids have become my love, my world since I met you all. You also very well know that my heart beats for you. I am alive only because of the person who is standing in front of me. I only love the guy who has applied vermilion on my forehead and for whom I had kept Karvachauth. Don’t doubt my love ever again! Don’t ever ask me again if I love someone else. Virender is taken aback. Purvi walks away. Virender realises that Sakshi was right. Purvi did love Vipul once and even wanted to marry him.

Purvi brings dinner for Vipul. She begins to go when he says I saw you in your wedding dress last time. She is taken aback. You were there? He nods. Sit. She sits. He shares that he came to tell her about the Molkki when his father stopped him. He made his goons beat me too. You are a Molkki because of me. I am your culprit. She tells him that this was destined to happen. You are my very good friend and well-wisher. You did all that you could. I should thank you for the past and today too. Vipul says you know I can risk my life n number of times for you. Should I ask you something? You are not happy here, right? Well, how you can be, you are such a self-righteous girl. How can you be happy after being a Molkki or someone’s servant? Purvi tells him not to worry about her. I am fine and happy here. He tells her not to lie. I know everything. I know what you must be going through since Mukhi ji’s wife came back. You can pretend but you will be nothing but a second woman (mistress); a burden who Mukhi ji’s first wife will throw away anytime. Be free of this Molkki now. I am here. Everything will be fine. He keeps his hand over hers and she moves her hand away immediately. Thank you for your concern but leave me on my own. You said you are fine. I will make preps for your departure tomorrow itself. It will be good for everyone. She leaves. Prakashi and Anjali have overheard everything. Prakashi tells Anjali this wont work. What’s your next move? How will you stop Vipul and ruin Virender and Purvi’s life?

Next morning, Anjali calls Gupta ji. You said that the new manager will be here today. Where is he? Gupta ji says I called at his home earlier. He has left already. I will share an update with you shortly. Anjali asks him what the guy’s name is. He says Vipul Sharma. Anjali says he is here only. A small accident happened when he came here. We let him stay here for recovery. He even told us that he is here for a job. I don’t think he knows that he has been hired to work here. Please come over and brief him. You can also tell Jeth ji about the manager then. Gupta ji agrees. Anjali ends the call. Prakashi smirks. Anjali says I had a backup plan ready.

Sakshi tells Virender he isn’t focusing on what she said. He asks her what she is speaking about. Sakshi says I am referring to Purvi and Vipul’s alliance. Divorce will happen in less than 2 weeks. We have to speak to Purvi asap. He repeats that he wont let her rush into anything on this matter. It is about Bawri’s life. Purvi comes there just then. She tells Sakshi that Vipul is fine now. Sakshi calls it good. Purvi says he is fine so he will leave today itself. Sakshi is puzzled. He hasn’t recovered fully yet. How can we send him like this? Virender says he isn’t a kid. He might have work. We aren’t forcing him to leave. Let him go. Purvi goes to see if Vipul is ready to go. Virender tells Sakshi that even Purvi does not want him to stay. Whatever was there is in the past. She does not love him. Stop obsessing over getting them married. Sakshi goes inside. Virender smiles.

Sakshi is sure their love will be rekindled if Vipul stays for a little longer. Please guide me, God. Give me a chance to bring them together.

Vipul takes leave from everyone. I wont be able to repay you for the favour you have done on us. Virender says you have done a favour on us by saving Bawri. Vipul looks at Purvi as he picks his bag. Purvi looks uncomfortable. Sakshi says I don’t think he has recovered fully yet. You need rest. We would have liked it if you had stayed here. What’s the rush? Vipul says people can only stay for as long as they are destined to stay at a place. He begins to go. Prakashi tells Anjali to call Gupta ji immediately. She is dialling him when Gupta ji enters. Vipul greets him. Gupta ji asks him why he hasn’t been picking his phone. Vipul says sorry to him. An incident happened here the moment I came here so I missed calling you. Virender asks Gupta ji if he knows Vipul. Gupta ji nods. He is the manager of your haveli. Sakshi calls it a great coincidence. God wants you to stay with us for little longer. Now we don’t have to say anything further. She tells the servant to keep Vipul’s stuff in servant quarters.

Kids are enjoying playing with Vipul. Manas asks Vipul to teach him the technique to play the game. Vipul says be it a technique or your lost love, one can achieve anything if they set their heart to it. Purvi watches them and smiles. Vipul and Manas decide to practice the technique but Vipul ends up hurting himself. Purvi rushes to his side. Are you fine? She notices blood and makes him sit in a corner. She comes back with a bandage. Manas asks Vipul if it is hurting a lot. Vipul denies. Purvi tends to his wound. You become a kid with kids. You haven’t grown up till date. Sakshi looks at them from far. Vipul says I am still a kid who only had one friend – Purvi. She is still taking care of me. Juhi asks haathi if she knows this uncle already. Purvi nods. He is my childhood friend. They ask him to be their friend if he is haathi’s friend. Vipul hugs them and agrees. They go to their room to study. Vipul thanks Purvi for bandaging his wound. She walks away. Sakshi thinks Purvi may not love him anymore but she still cares for him. I must change this care into love again. She thinks of an idea and decides to bring them closer.

Sakshi asks Vipul if he is fine. Vipul nods. I got such good owners and such nice people in a strange city. Don’t worry about me. Sakshi says you are not just our manager but Purvi’s friend too. It is our duty to take care of her friend. Right, Purvi? Purvi excuses herself on the pretext of bringing food for Vipul. Sakshi asks Vipul what he loves to eat. He tells her. Sakshi says we will get it for you today.

Sakshi asks Purvi to make Sarso ka saag and Makai ki roti. Purvi is excited to know that Sakshi likes it. You wont forget the taste. I make the best Saag. Sakshi and Purvi decide to cook together.

Everyone is seated for dinner. Vipul says you cooked dinner today. You remembered that I love Sarso ka Saag? Purvi begins to explain but Sakshi lies that Purvi has cooked it especially for him. She asks Purvi to serve food to Virender. Purvi wonders why Sakshi is lying. I dint make it for Vipul but for her. Why is she taking Vipul’s name instead? Virender looks unhappily at Purvi as she serves food to Vipul. Vipul takes a bite. You still have the same magic like before. I can eat my fingers today! Anjali says this is called friendship. Now Vipul’s favourite food will be cooked here. It is right though as they are childhood friends. They have met after so long. People say that no one can forget a childhood friend or love! Virender says I cannot eat it as this has too much ghee. It isn’t good for me. I am diabetic. He leaves. Purvi knows he is upset because of Vipul’s presence. This is the reason you are skipping meal.