Molkki 21st January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Virender asks Purvi to give him the name. Who has done it? Purvi takes Vaibhav’s name. Everyone is stunned. Virender asks Purvi if she is in her senses. Vaibhav is my brother. I wont hear anything against me. Purvi insists she isn’t lying. I know that you wont trust me as it is about your brother. You might also decide my punishment without hearing me out completely like last time. You punished me when I wore Sakshi ji’s clothes. You punished me when the necklace went missing. You punished me when Sakshi ji’s picture got burnt. You can punish me this time too as it is about your blood, your real brother this time. Trust me once. This is the reason why I eloped from the jail. I even found proof but your brother has destroyed it as well. Vaibhav pretends to be hurt by her allegations. How can you blame me for such an incident? Purvi calls him a liar but Vaibhav insists that he cannot do anything like this in his life. You can tell me if you have problem with me. I will go back to London. I cannot stay with you in this house. Purvi tells him not to lie. Virender’s mother tells Purvi to stop. Purvi requests her to trust her. Virender’s mother says we brought you here as Molkki. We loved you and accepted you and you will blame the son of this house like this? Tell us what problem you have with us. We will end the matter right here. They both stick to their words. Purvi says Vaibhav has raped Priyu. Virender’s mother says he is my son. he cannot lie. Purvi requests Vaibhav to tell the truth to everyone. Virender’s mother refuses to believe her.

Virender tells Purvi to stop. It is a very serious allegation. Entire family suffers the consequence of such an allegation. If it has happened with Priyu then it is a serious and scary crime. The decision will be announced in Panchayat now. Purvi requests him to keep this within wraps. How will Priyu face everyone? Virender’s mother is also worried about their family but Virender reasons that this is a very serious and disgusting crime. Truth must come out in the open. If Vaibhav has done it then he should be punished openly. If Priyu has been raped then we cannot take this matter lightly. She does not have to worry about anything. I assure her that justice will be done and her culprit will be punished. I will punish the culprit right away if you are able to prove the crime and the culrpit or otherwise you will leave this haveli, my kids and this town for forever. Purvi accepts his condition. Virender says your sister will get justice if you are able to prove Vaibhav guilty. You will have to leave everything behind and leave town if you fail. Let’s go in Panchayat. Purvi hugs her sister. Vaibhav looks at them pointedly.

Everyone is on their way to Panchayat. Virender’s mother is in disbelief. I cannot believe it that Purvi has blamed Vaibhav for such a crime. I thought she was smart but! Mama says there has always been a reason behind whatever she has done till date. She wont do anything wrong without thinking.

Anjali says what else could be worse than this. Mukhiyayin will insult us in front of the entire town now.

Virender’s mother asks her brother what he wants to say. Dint you hear what she blamed Vaibhav for? I trust my son completely. He cannot do anything like that.

Yogi has faith in Purvi. I am sure there is a reason behind her allegation. Anjali refuses to buy it.

Mama reminds his sister that it is Mukhi’s Panchayat. Truth will come out in open. Virender’s mother says I have faith in him too. He will do justice.

Yogi says justice will happen. If Vaibhav is not guilty then he will be set free but if he is the culprit then he will be punished. It is Mukhi ji’s court. He has always been just with his decisions. Anjali gets tensed.

Panchayat has been set. Virender takes his seat. His family and Vaibhav’s friends are also present there. The proceedings begin. Everyone is stunned to hear about the allegation. Both the parties are asked to step forward and give their statements.

Anjali fills Virender’s mother’s ears against Purvi. You loved Purvi so much and she is insulting us in front of the entire town now. I am concerned for Vaibhav now. How will he face it? Virender’s mother tells her not to worry. I have faith in God and Virender.

Purvi assures Priyu that the truth will come out in open. I am here.

Vaibhav and Purvi step forward. Virender gives first chance to Purvi to share her side of the story. Purvi tells them everything in detail (about the rape day). Virender’s mother refuses to accept it. Virender asks Vaibhav if he has to say something about it. Vaibhav acts all innocent. Bhabhi can say anything against me but I have not been raised in a way that I will defame her. I will only say that it is wrong. She can show us a proof and prove herself as true. Vaibhav smirks. I have destroyed the proof already. Virender asks Purvi if she has a proof. Purvi denies. He destroyed that proof himself. I have a witness though. Virender asks her to call that person. Purvi says Vaibhav’s friends were peeking inside the room right before I found Priyu in that very room. Only they can tell us the truth now. Virender asks Vaibhav’s friends to tell them if Purvi is telling the truth. Vaibhav’s friends say we were there but we weren’t even looking inside. we had even told her that we were watching a video. Purvi insists that they are lying but Vaibhav’s friends stick to their words. Purvi asks Vaibhav’s male friends how they can be so shameless. You very well knew what was happening inside. Please tell the truth to Mukhiya ji. Why are you protecting your friend when he is doing wrong? Those who hide the mistakes of their friends are no less than enemies. You are the same! Purvi requests Vaibhav’s female friend to say something. I beg you to tell us the truth. Rhea looks at Vaibhav. Vaibhav thinks I quietened Radhika but what if Rhea says something. He tells Virender that Purvi cannot pressurize his friends like this. Virender supports his point. Do you have any other witness?

Purvi realises that Radhika is missing. She asks Virender to call Radhika. She also went to farm house with us. Why is she not here? Rhea says she came to haveli with us but we haven’t seen her today. Purvi says Radhika might be able to tell us the truth. Virender asks a servant to bring her. Purvi says I knew that Vaibhav has been trying to lure Priyu in his words but I dint think he will stoop so low. Vaibhav says even I dint think you will do something like this, that too in front of everyone. I have been quiet till now but not anymore. Priyu has been trying to get close to me. I kept telling her I am not interested but she wasn’t ready to listen to me. She wore modern clothes the other day to meet my friends. Virender thinks of the 10k bill. Even I had seen that receipt. He asks Priyu if she bought clothes to go with Vaibhav. Purvi fumes. You don’t rape a girl just because she wears modern clothes! Vaibhav asks her to tell him why she was trying to tag along with us forcibly. Purvi says she dint do that against your wish. He insists that Priyu came to his room on farm house alone and tried to flirt with her. I told her I am not interested and walked out of the room. She has cooked up the rest of the story herself. Vaibhav thinks he can handle things here somehow but Radhika shouldn’t come here at any cost.

Purvi asks Vaibhav how much will he lie. Priyu is not like that. Please trust me. Virender says let’s accept this for a second but why did Priyu go to his room alone. Priyu tells him that Jyoti asked her for help. I went there to help fix her clothes. Jyoti and Anjali look at each other. Jyoti nods at her sister. Priyu adds that Vaibhav was already there. why will I go there alone? Jyoti calls her a liar. Don’t drag me in this drama! Priyu tells her not to lie but Purvi tells her to let it be. I knew that she wont agree anyways.