Molkki 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Prakashi says I am thinking how to end that Molkki’s chapter before Virender return. Where are the kids? Anjali she tells them what she did. I can finally breathe in peace as they have gone to school. Anyways, my friends want to come over for a kitty party. I have kept one today. Prakashi says it is great. Go and make preps for the same. Anjali nods.

Manas and Juhi look at the kids as they eat food. A kid asks them why they are sitting like this. Has your step mother not give you any food today? Manas tells him not to say anything. She isn’t our step mother but haathi. She gives us food always. He asks her if she ran away and laughs. Other kids join in. Juhi takes Manas outside. Manas says we must find haathi or these people will continue to trouble us. Haathi’s life seems to be in danger. Juhi agrees. They decide to do something to find a way to save haathi. Manas tells his sister to think of something. You thought of so many things when you wanted to trouble haathi. She tells him a plan in his ears.

Anjali is excited for the party and is cooking with Jyoti. Set a good song. Jyoti requests her to do naagin dance. Anjali tells her to start. I will follow you. Jyoti shows her how it’s done. Jyoti records her video.

Teacher asks the kids to hand over their books to her. Manas spills glue on her seat when she is collecting books from the students. He quickly takes his seat before she turns. Manas hides his laugh as she sits on her chair.

Anjali is having fun doing naagin style dance.
Teacher realises that one book is missing. She tries getting up from her chair but fails. Kids start laughing. She stands up and the chair gets glued to her dress. Who did this? A kid points at Manas. He quickly leaves the class when she tells him to get out.

Juhi is drawing something on the board. Kids greet the teacher when she enters in the classroom but then start laughing. She asks them who has made this. Juhi stands up. Did you like it? Teacher asks her to get out. Juhi thanks her, picks her bag and leaves.

Anjali receives a call from the school. Principal asks her how she is related to the kids. Anjali says I am their Chachi. He says we called for their parents and no one else. Anjali says they are out of town. I look after like their mother only. Kids look at each other. Principal says they are not good kids. How have you been raising her if you are like a mother to them? He tells her the mischiefs that the kids have done. You are also responsible for what they have done today. Anjali says I look after them well. He disagrees. What can we expect a mother to teach the kids when she cannot give them lunch? You are not doing a good job at all. Do you want to turn them into brutes? Are my words going to change you for good or are you stubborn as well? Anjali vows to teach them a lesson at home.

Prakashi notices Anjali coming home with the kids. They came early today? Anjali says school has sent them home. They have become too naughty. Principal was speaking rudely to me and was blaming me for things. These kids might spoil my party. What should I do? Prakashi tells the kids not to step out of their room. They promise her. Prakashi says you will see the worst of me if either of you step out of your room. Anjali tells Bhuri to lock the kids in their room. Manas asks her to give them something to eat. She offers to slap them instead. Juhi requests her to spare her brother. He isn’t hungry.

Door bell rings. Anjali welcomes her friends.
Manas pulls Juhi aside. We executed plan number 1 successfully. It is time to find plan number 2. Juhi says we have to teach a memorable lesson to Chachi before that. Bhuri takes them upstairs.

Inspector beats the goons. They insist that they don’t know anything about Mukhiyayini. Inspector also demands to know who made them kidnap Purvi. They scream and shout in pain but don’t say anything. Sudha and Priyu are outside. They ask Inspector if he found anything. He says they aren’t talking right now but we will leave no stone unturned. Go home for now. We will make them tlak.

Juhi and Manas are in the garden.

Prakashi asks her goons if they have hid Molkki well. He tells her that they have shifted Purvi to another location. She tells them to be careful. Police is looking for you. I will tell you when or where one needs to be moved. Don’t be lenient with her now. Police wont spare you if you get caught. Goon assures you that no one will be able to find Purvi this time. Prakashi and the kids don’t see each other.

Manas points Juhi to a corner. We will find that there. Juhi suggests putting that in the glass.

Sudha comes to haveli. Anjali is playing cards with her friends. Her friends ask Anjali about Purvi. Anjali lies that she has gone to her home. She notices Sudha and takes her to a corner. Is everything fine? Sudha says I came to know if you heard anything from Purvi. Anjali denies. Police is looking for her. I will tell you when I will find out anything. Sudha asks her why she lied to her friends. Anjali says she is missing. I hid this to maintain the respect of the village, this house and of Purvi. People might begin to gossip if they find out about this. You should go now. Your friend is missing. Mine are right here. Let me enjoy a little. She joins her friends. Sudha leaves. Jyoti wins the game. Anjali’s friends ask Anjali to bring dal makhani and biryani as planned. Anjali assures her that she has made memorable food for them. She asks Bhuri to bring food.

Kids get inside the kitchen through the window. They have collected a bottle full of worms. Bhuri is on her way to the kitchen. Manas and Juhi take out food for themselves in a plate and mix worms and a frog in the rest of the food. Bhuri closes the window as soon as she enters in the kitchen. She takes the food outside. Juhi tells Manas their work is done. Let’s eat and enjoy the drama now. Chachi will now know what it means to mess with kids.