Molkki 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Purvi tells Virender it is her resume. He reminds her that she is a Mukhiyain. Why do you need a job? She replies that she wants to fix the wrong. I need this job. He tells her to be clear. She shares that she isn’t ready to be a Molkki. I wasn’t aware of it. You said girls are told everything beforehand but I wasn’t told anything. You told me to keep quiet as Sudha knew everything. I would have never married if I knew the truth. I was shown someone else’s photo instead. Mama Sarkar brought money for this Molkki. I have heard that you are never unjust with us. Why did you cheat me then? He tells her to stop. I will give you the right to choose your own method of justice. You can punish me if you think I am wrong. What’s your decision? She says I will return your money to you with the tuition money and then I will leave this house. He advises her to think again as she will lose this job if she is not able to handle the kids. Your dream will break as well. You will remain a Molkki your entire life. She nods. He fixes her salary. The class starts from tomorrow. We will see till when you will be able to get out of this bond.

Next morning, Purvi prays to God to help her achieve her dream.

Priyu reaches Rewari and boards an auto for Purvi’s home.

Purvi promises to give her best. Bless me so I am able to achieve my dream.

Priyu prays to God to take her to Didi’s home somehow. I know only she can save me now.

Om is telling his brothers about how Virender offered them to stay in their house till the time the renovation is going on. Sudha hears this and is relieved. I will tell Purvi everything when I meet her. She will help me get out of this hell. She notices Om’s mother holding the burning coal in a scoop. This will be forced down your throat if you will even think of telling Purvi anything! Sudha agrees to keep quiet.

Virender’s mother has made preps to welcome the guests. She asks her brother why he invited them here. He tells her to wait and watch.

Priyu reaches Virender’s home. She tells the guards that she is Purvi’s sister but they don’t buy it. You are wearing broken slippers. Priyu requests them to call her once but they push her away. She cries in a corner.

Purvi finds out that Sudha will be staying with them in their house. She offers to help Virender’s mother but she tells her to teach the kids. Virender’s mother and Mama overlook the preps. Anjali is asking Bhanu something when Purvi asks her if they can open the room which remains closed for Sudha’s MIL. Anjali and Bhuri warn her never to talk about the room with anyone else if she wants to save herself. Purvi goes to the kids’ room. They welcome her sweetly which puzzles her. Juhi asks her to open the page. Purvi opens it and finds a roach inside. She jumps back with a start and stands under the main door. A bucket full of coloured water hanging above the door falls over Purvi. Purvi slips down as well. Virender happens to be passing from there. I did warn you but you dint hear me. The kids hide. He tells her that she wont be able to handle his notorious kids. She slips again while going out and holds him for support. His white kurta becomes colourful. She says sorry but he tells her she can do nothing right. Virender’s mother says the kids dint spare you either. Take a bath. What will your friend think about us!

Om and his family reach Virender’s house. Priyu notices Sudha. I am sure Didi will come outside to meet her. I will meet her once she comes out. Purvi finds out that everyone has gone outside to welcome Sudha’s family. She heads downstairs. Om’s mother warns Sudha again. Priyu tries to go inside stealthily but Anjali stops her. Priyu requests her to call Purvi outside. I am her sister.

Purvi and Sudha meet at the door. Sudha notices that one of her bag is missing. She decides to bring it herself. Purvi offers to go along when Om’s mother asks Sudha to bring coal for her hookah. It should be hot or it wont be fun. Purvi notices the worried expression on Sudha’s face. Purvi goes to bring Sudha’s bag.

Priyu requests Anjali to call Purvi. We had one beggar here already and now she is here! She notices Purvi coming outside and closes the door. She lies to Priyu that Purvi has gone to Delhi for a month. Anjali makes guards throw her outside. Bhuri and Anjali close the door as they enter inside. Purvi tells Anjali she was coming outside to take the bag. Priyu has seen Purvi. I think Anjali dint want me to meet my Didi. I wont leave without meeting Purvi.

Om thanks Virender for letting them stay here. Your Mama ji told us to come over when he found out about it. I was about to make arrangements in hotel when he called us. Virender asks his Mama why he took his name and called them here. What’s on your mind? Mama tells him to wait till evening to find out everything. Om’s mother tells Sudha to keep her bag in the room. Om’s brother offers to help Sudha. He keeps his hand over hers but she moves it away. Purvi notices the black bag. Sudha forgot it here. She goes to give it to Sudha when she notices Om’s brother standing close to Sudha. Did I really see that? I must ask Sudha everything. Om’s mother asks Purvi what she is looking at. I have backache. Get me a hot water bag. Virender’s mother tells Purvi to ask a servant to bring it. Purvi wants to find out what’s happening. Sudha goes to set her MIL’s room. Purvi is sure what she saw wasn’t right. I will speak to Sudha today itself.

Priyu decides to wait till the guard moves from his place.

Everyone heads to their rooms. Mama stops Virender from going to the study. Your room is upstairs. Om asks Virender to come with them. Our rooms are next to each other. Virender’s mother understands her brother’s plan. She heads to the kitchen. Sudha goes to her room awkwardly. Purvi decides to do something to find out the truth. Om’s mother tells Purvi to be with her husband.

Purvi tells Sudha to rest in her room. Let me know if you need anything. Om assures her about it. Virender asks them to rest as well. He waits for everyone to go to their rooms and tells Purvi to go to her room as well. Virender heads to the study room again but meets Mama on his way. Virender’s mother tells Virender that she gave that room to Om’s mother. Virender looks at his Mama pointedly