Molkki 5th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Bhuri brings food at the dining table. Jyoti says I will show you Didi’s naagin dance before food. She was fab. Anjali’s friends get excited. Jyoti plays it on TV. Anjali says I did it as Jyoti was forcing me. Anjali’s friends complement her on her dance. Let’s hope the food is as good as your dance. They open the bowls and are shocked to see worms and frog. They jump around in shock trying to save themselves. Juhi and Manas watch everything from upstairs. Anjali’s friends are in for a shock. The frog keeps jumping around. Manas and Juhi laugh while eating. Servant manages to take the frog outstairs. Anjali’s friends ask Anjali if she called them here to make fun of them. Anjali offers to bring fresh food for them but they refuse and leave. Anjali feels bad. She hears the kids laughing and looks upstairs. She wipes her tears as she heads upstairs. Manas tells his sister he is hungry. Anjali throws their plate away. Juhi shouts for help from Dadi but Anjali shouts at them to be quiet. I know you two are behind it. I wont spare you now! Kids scream for help. Prakashi questions Anjali but she decides to teach them a lesson. She brings them to a cell. Rot here tonight. The same insects and animal will come here now. You wont get anything. They apologize to her. We are afraid of darkness. Please open the door. Anjali walks away.

Manas asks Juhi what they will do. Juhi says we cannot do anything now. Let’s sit for some time. We will shout for help again in some time. Manas is afraid but Juhi assures him that she is with him. They sit down on the floor. Manas hopes haathi comes back soon or they are able to speak to her. Juhi suggests him to close her eyes and think of haathi from his heart. That’s what our teacher had advised once. Manas asks her if it will work. She nods. They close their eyes. Manas mentally asks haathi where she is. I miss you, haathi.

Purvi wakes up with a start. Manas? Why do I feel as if kids called out to me just now? Please help me, Kanha ji. Let me meet my kids somehow. She stands up and removes the cloth from her mouth. Her hands are still tied though. She finds old computers around her. Looks like it is a godown or factory where old computers are kept. How will I get out of here? She tries to connect a laptop but in vain. Please help me Kanha ji. Atleast one of these should work.

Anjali thanks Jyoti for showing her an awesome film. There are 2 monkeys in our house who are locked in a cell! She hears Prakashi’s scream and go outside to check. Prakashi has slipped on the floor. Anjali offers to massage her feet. The pain will disappear in no time! Jyoti calls her sister an expert in making things disappear. Prakashi tells her to stop laughing. Take me to my room. They oblige. Prakashi rues that she planned to kill Molkki today. I wont be able to get up before 2-3 days now. It is a paining a lot. Anjali gives her water while Jyoti massages Prakashi’s feet. Anjali smirks. You should rest while I will rule the house! That’s how it will be here now!

The goons are sleeping. Purvi continues checking the laptops. She finally finds one laptop. I will use it to contact the kids when the goons will go to bring food.

Manas and Juhi are resting. They are starving. Juhi offers to do something for Manas. She calls out to everyone one by one but no one comes to help them. Manas feels bad that no one is listening to them. Preeti feels bad for them. What have their loved ones done to them in their own house! She speaks to Bhuri about the kids. Can I give them some food? They haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. It isn’t right to be so cruel to them. Bhuri advises her not to go against Anjali’s orders. Otherwise, she will also cut you like veggies. Start working in the kitchen. I will be back from market soon. She leaves. Preeti decides to give food to the kids stealthily. No one will find out anything. She pours food for them and heads to the cell.

Juhi gives water to Manas. Preeti comes there with food and milk but Anjali pulls it away just then. Preeti gets slapped for showing pity on the kids. You wont get to eat or drink anything like them from today! Your mind will be back on track then. She drags Preeti with her. Kids look at the food on the floor.

Mama ji asks Anjali where she is dragging Preeti. Anjali cooks up an excuse. She keeps trying to avoid working. I was thinking of teaching her how to work properly. Mama ji says they are our servants but they aren’t our slaves. Leave her alone. Preeti thanks him and leaves. Mama ji asks about the kids. She lies that they are in school. Preeti overhears it. Landline rings. Mama ji picks the phone. It is Principal Sir. Anjali stops in her tracks in shock. Principal asks Mama ji why the kids missed their exam today. How can you be so careless? Mama ji lies that they are not well. They will be in tomorrow on time. He turns to Anjali after ending the call. Where are the kids? You have been caught! Anjali says they have become very mischievous. They try to trouble me and Ma throughout the day. Mama ji demands to know where they are. She tells them. He asks her how dare she do that. He takes the key from her and heads there. Anjali follows him. Mama ji opens the cell immediately and hugs the kids. They cry. We would have died if it wasn’t for you! He tells them not to say so. He reprimands Anjali for treating them like that. What if something had happened to them? You will see the worst of me if you do anything like this again? I will keep an eye on you from now onwards. You must listen to whatever they will say. If I hear any complaint, then I will lock here without water and food. She agrees to listen to whatever they will say. I will not give anyone a chance to complain.

Goons notice Purvi resting and think that she is sleeping. They head outside for lunch. We will bring something on our way back. Purvi gets up as soon as they leave. It is the right time to contact the kids. They would be awake as of now.

Juhi tells Manas to switch off his laptop as it is late. Manas asks for 2 minutes but Juhi tells him to close it. They notice an incoming skype call and pick it up. They are surprised to see Purvi. She cries seeing the kids.