Molkki 5th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Prakashi has pointed her gun at Manas’s forehead. Inspector tells her to let go of Manas but she refuses. Virender tells her to let go of her grandson. She retorts that he is just a kid for her. he is not my grandson when you have cut all ties with me. Purvi also requests him to spare Manas but Prakashi stays put. You have created a big rift between me and Virender. Why should I spare your son then? I will kill him today! Inspector tells her that they will shoot her down if she tries to hurt Manas. Prakashi challenges them go to ahead. No bullet can touch me. anjali also requests Prakashi to let go of Manas. It wont be right. Prakashi advsies her to keep quiet. You are bearing someone else’s kid right now. Don’t try to teach me right and wrong. Just stay put with that Molkki. She backtracks as police, Purvi, Virender and Anjali walk towards her.

Virender takes the gun from Inspector and warns Prakashi to leave Manas. She challenges him to go ahead. Shoot me. I have raised you with my own hands. Do it if you can! Virender replies that he is doing the same thing to her that she is doing to his son. I am the most unlucky son in this world who has been compelled to hurt his mother. You have made me do it. Inspector and Juhi request Virender to drop the gun. Prakashi makes Manas sit in the car. Virender shoots her shocking everyone. Prakashi looks at Virender in shock. Anjali tries to support her but Prakashi does not let her. Inspector calls ambulance. Prakashi cries as she falls in Virender’s arms.

Renu calls Satyam’s father to check on Satyam but he isn’t there. She wonders where he would be. He isn’t keeping well either. Where would he be? Satyam jumps in from the balcony (dressed as Virender’s look-alike) as soon as Renu leaves the room. He closes the door from inside and looks at himself in the mirror. I am Rewari’s Mukhiya, Virender Pratap Singh. Science has advanced so much. A poor man of the village has become the Mukhiya. His own son couldn’t recognize me. This is an amazing mask. My in-laws are amazing. MIL wants to destroy the son and DIL while the DIL wants to expose the MIL. I put this mask upon my MIL’s askance only.

Flashback shows Prakashi transferring money in her account stealthily. She pays the one who helps her transfer Virender’s money in her account. I will take everything away from Virender soon. He and Molkki will be on streets soon. Someone knocks at the door. It turns out to be Satyam. Prakashi asks him why he is here. Who gave you this address? Satyam calls her his MIL. I want your blessing. I want to be like you. She tells him that she has no relation to him as he is living in that house. He tells the real reason as to why he married Renu. Prakashi slaps him when he points out that she is also cheating Virender. Leave now. Satyam reminds her that she has nothing to do with the people in that haveli. You want to cheat Virender and I want to cheat Renu. Let’s do it together. I only need 80 lacs to go to Canada. I will do as I say. She agrees. She sends the hacker home and tells Satyam that they must kidnap Manas. I want to snatch their son from them just like they had snatched my Vaibhav from me. Satyam says Manas is with Purvi. I don’t know where she is. Prakashi tells him to meet a doctor in Rohtak. He asks her why but she tells him to do as she says. I have asked Dr. Shekhawat to make a mask. Purvi is clever. She wont let anyone but Virender go near Manas. Virender must kidnap Manas. You must become Virender. The mask will change your identity for the world. Manas will be separated from Virender and Molkki. They will yearn for their son just as how I have yearned for Vaibhav. Satyam nods and leaves. Prakashi vows to snatch all happiness from Purvi and Virender. Flashback ends.

Satyam is sure he can accomplish a lot many things by siding with Prakashi. She has agreed to give me 80 lacs as asked. What’s the harm in supporting her then? I am eagerly waiting for the day when I will get rid of these people and end up in Canada. God should give such MIL to everyone! He removes his mask.

Virender shouts at Inspector to call ambulance asap. The bullet has hit her in her shoulder. Purvi and Anjali assure Prakashi that she will be fine. Prakashi loses conscious. Ward boys take Prakashi on a stretcher. Anjali goes with Prakashi. Virender sits down in shock. Purvi assures him that Ma will be fine. Virender regrets shooting his own mother. Juhi hugs Virender. Purvi asks Manas to come to them but Manas refuses. Purvi asks him why.

Renu asks Satyam where he went without informing her. Satyam says I went to meet a doc. I dint tell you so you don’t get any false hopes. I cannot give you a false hope while I am alive. She tells him not to say such things. What did the doc say? Satyam sits up. It is the same thing. I only have 6 months left. She tells him not to say so. Bhai ji promised to get your treatment done in Canada. You will recover. He hugs her. your Bhai ji wont be able to manage his own expenses as Prakashi Devi has made all the arrangements already. Renu tells him that Prakashi got shot. She is in hospital right now. She will be sent to jail later. I dint know that she can kidnap innocent kids and attempt to kill Manas. She was bound to be punished for her misdeeds. God does justice always. She goes aside to attend a call. Satyam gets worries that his dream might get stalled this way. I cannot be in loss after doing so much. I must do something now.