Molkki 6th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Prakashi asks Virender what the doc said. Is she fine? Prakashi advises her to go somewhere with Sakshi for a vacation. She will recover soon. He looks at her. She says she is right. It will be a good change for Sakshi. You will get to spend time with each other. We will look after the kids don’t worry. I, Anjali and haathi will do it. Virender asks her what she is saying. Prakashi says it is right. If you want me to be straightforward then I would say that I want you two to go on honeymoon. Virender is taken aback. Honeymoon? Sakshi and I? Do you know what Bawari? She cuts him mid-sentence. It is good for Sakshi as per doctor. I am doing it for her. People generally go on honeymoon once. You are getting a second chance. You went to a place near Goa for honeymoon with Sakshi. I would advise you to go there again. Sakshi will recover soon there. I wont hear anything. Tell Sakshi to get ready. I want the old Sakshi back. Virender wonders what Ma is thinking. How can I go with Sakshi? What will she feel after knowing this? They see Purvi there. Virender tells his mother this isn’t right. Let Sakshi rest at home. It will be a problem if something happens on the way. Purvi says nothing will happen to her. Change of place will help her. Make preps to go. I will manage the rest. Prakashi says Purvi has said yes now. Don’t think too much. I will do the bookings. Tell Sakshi to get ready. She leaves. Purvi smiles a little when Virender looks at her. He wonders what situation she has put him in. He asks Purvi what she is doing. She walks away without a word.

Sakshi asks Virender if they are going on a second honeymoon again. He remains quiet. She says it must be your idea as you love giving such surprises. He shares that it is Ma’s idea. Sakshi is taken aback. Prakashi tells Virender not to lie. You couldn’t just put it in words. I have made all the bookings. You just have to leave now. Kids want to go with Sakshi and Virender. Sakshi agrees. We wont go without you. Let’s go and pack your stuff. Manas suggests calling haathi. Juhi seconds him. She knows everything. She will pack it nicely. Sakshi is taken aback.

Kids ask Purvi to come to Amboli with them. Purvi says Sakshi Ma knows me as a maid. You should go there with the family and help Sakshi Ma recover soon. Juhi insists that they wont go without her. Manas adds that they do not enjoy without her. Purvi requests them not to say so. I will come with you next time. They make a sad face. Sakshi comes to check on their packing. You two should change now. She picks a pair for Manas but he says I don’t like this color. I will wear what haathi has chosen for me. Purvi convinces him to wear it. You are a spiderman yourself so you don’t need to wear a spiderman t-shirt. Will you wear the one chosen by Sakshi ji? Manas nods. Sakshi smiles. Juhi tells haathi she is right. Sakshi offers to help Manas change. Virender asks Purvi about a file. She tells him the location. You will find it in your drawer. Virender says I forgot to check, Bawari. Sakshi is shocked by their exchange. Bawari? Juhi says that’s what Baba calls haathi. Manas says Bawari haathi and laughs. Virender says this girl messes up everything so I call her that. Sakshi says I don’t find her Bawari at all. She knows what is kept where, be it yours or kids. Purvi says I am a Bawari. I sometimes misplace things for real. I am very forgetful. Virender leaves. Manas and Juhi go out as well. Sakshi looks at Purvi intently. So much has changed over the years. I don’t know what my kids like or dislike. I have even forgotten where Mukhiya ji keeps his stuff. This maid has handled all my responsibilities. It feels as it this isn’t mine but her family. I must change it. I must make it my family again.

Kids come to say something important to Virender. They request him to let haathi come with them. What will she do without us? We know that you want to come with us too. Manas says swear on Kanha ji if we are lying. We have an idea with which your problem can be solved. Juhi asks him if he wants haathi to come with them. Virender says I want it to happen for real. What’s the idea? The kids argue as to who will tell Virender. Virender tells them to tell him together. They tell him (in mute). Virender hugs his kids happily.

Prakashi tells the servant to keep the luggage in the car. Make sure they can sit comfortably in the car. She calls out to Virender. Purvi notices Virender walking out with the kids and cries. Prakashi asks the kids where their bag is. Juhi says it is with haathi. They ask Purvi to come. She comes out holding their bag. Anjali tells Prakashi to look at Purvi’s swollen face. Purvi tells the kids to enjoy. She begins to go when the kids ask her to come with them. Prakashi says what will she do there. Go with Ma Baba and enjoy. They refuse to leave without haathi. Purvi tells them to understand that she cannot come with them. Manas refuses to leave without haathi. Juhi follows his footsteps. Manas asks his Ma to ask haathi to come with them. Anjali tells Sakshi not to pay heed to the kids. They will throw tantrums. Don’t listen to them. Purvi will help us here. Kids hugs and request Sakshi to let haathi come with them. Sakshi gives in. How can I upset you two? She asks Purvi to come with them. The kids will be happy. Purvi says kids say anything. I cannot come with you. Juhi asks Manas what if haathi wont come with them. Manas says we will stay here too. He gives his swear to Purvi. I will die if you wont go. Both Sakshi and Purvi tell him not to say so. Purvi tells Manas not to say this ever again. Her eyes well up. I like the fact that you two love me so much but I really cannot come with you. I haven’t even packed. You will get late otherwise. They high-five. We have packed your bag and kept it in the car already. Everyone else is taken aback. Manas asks Virender to request haathi. We all tried so much but she isn’t willing to come with us. Virender tells Purvi to go with them if the kids are insisting. You can look after everyone. Manas says it is done now. Juhi nods. His word is final after all. They hold Purvi’s hand and take her to the car. Prakashi tells Virender and Sakshi to take care. They leave. Anjali tells Prakashi that Purvi messed up her plan again. I feel like teaching a lesson to these kids! Our plan has been ruined! Prakashi fumes.

Virender reaches the hotel with his family. Sakshi tells Virender she is feeling tired after travelling. She gives her bag to Purvi to hold. Virender has seen it. Kids run off to the poolside. Sakshi goes to check on the kids. Virender gives Sakshi’s bag and luggage to the helper. Virender and Sakshi are in their room. Purvi brings the kids as well. Sakshi tells the helper to keep 2 bags in the other room. She tells the kids to enjoy with haathi in their room. Virender watches Purvi as she leaves with the kids. They both look at each other helplessly as they stand at their respective doors. Sakshi asks Virender to look at the view. He stands next to her. Yes!

The room is fully decorated by the time Virender comes out of the bathroom. Sakshi has changed as well. He asks her how she did this. She says you decorated the room with my favorite flowers last time and I did this for you this time. She asks him if he forgot that he gave the nightie to her last time. He nods. She asks him if he really remembers it. How do I look? I am wearing this after 5 years. He says you look very good. She holds his arm. The place is so serene. everything is same. This hotel, this room and you! Thank you for bringing me here. We will start our life afresh from this place once again. I am very happy. Virender thinks of letting her believe that he has done all this. She will get upset otherwise.