Muskaan 10th May 2019 Written Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Gayatri saying we have kept a special program for you. Ronak and Muskaan come there, dressed as Radha Krishna. They perform on Radha kaisa na jale….. The Sheikh sees Muskaan and recognizes her. He thinks she is my diamond, maybe Sir ji was telling about her. The man holds Bua. Bua asks how are these people. Ronak worries seeing the men holding his sisters. Ronak and Muskaan take Lovely and Dolly on stage and secure them. The Sheikhs clap and says Sir ji gave us a good surprise, where is he. They talk in a cheap way. Everyone gets shocked. Sheikh asks the price of Muskaan. He says I m ready to give any price for Muskaan.

Sir ji is on the way. Bua scolds the men. Sheikh says we are his new brothel’s customers, Gayatri is the owner right. Sir ji asks driver to drive fast.

Ronak gets angry. Sheikh asks the price of all the girls. Sir ji comes there and gets shocked seeing the happening. Lovely and Dolly run to him. Bua asks him what’s happening. He worries. Sheikh says you have sent us here. Ronak thinks the truth has come out. Sir ji scolds a man for planning against him. He starts a drama and beats the men. Ronak stops them and thinks this plan also failed, I have to do something now. He removes his get up and shows his face. He asks Sheikh does he remember anything now. He kicks the men out. Sir ji gets relieved.

Bua is scared and blames Muskaan. Lovely says they have come here for Muskaan. Gayatri looks on. Ronak says sir ji didn’t change when its about his family. Muskaan says we have to expose Sir ji. Sir ji comes to talk to them. Ronak scolds him. Sir ji says you did this to trap me. Ronak says you have gone mad, if I knew these are the same Sheikh, I would have broken their bones, I controlled myself, I would have told mum, she did a mistake and got them home. They go.

Gayatri comes to Sir ji and gives him milk. She relieves him of tensions. He smiles. Ronak and Muskaan go for a drive. He asks her if she is fine. She says I m worried for Gayatri, we should make a good plan. Sir ji gets his goon’s call and worries. He scolds the goon for calling him at this time. The goon begs for help. Ronak says I wish he wasn’t my dad, I would have killed him, I want some final link to expose him.

Muskaan sees the good and asks Ronak to stop the car. She shows the goon to Ronak and says he is the same man who kidnapped me and Aarti on Sir ji’s orders, he is roaming free here, we should give him to police. Sir ji says no, Charan will expose Sir ji now, relax. Everyone gets shocked seeing Charan lying unconscious outside the house. Ronak recalls sending Hanumant after Charan. Hanumant keeps a watch on Charan. Ronak gets Charan’s statement against Sir ji. He says Sir ji is cruel towards his men as well. He makes a plan and calls Hanumant. Hanumant teases Charan and makes him run. He steals Charan’s bag and then takes him home. Ronak asks Muskaan to beat Charan. Muskaan beats Charan and faints him. FB ends. Gayatri and everyone see Charan. Ronak looks on.

Ronak and Muskaan cheer the kids. They sing and dance. Muskaan smiles and thinks to show her tattoo to Ronak.