Naagin 3 Latest News: Sanjay Swaraj enters the show before finale

Actor Sanjay Swaraj aka Naveen Babu of KZK2 , Namkaran will soon be seen on Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural show Nagin 3.
Reportedly, actor Sanjay Swaraj will play the role of maha sapera and will have the power to control Maha Naagrani.
We recently saw Maha Naagrani aka Mouni Roy entering Nagin3. It is anticipated that Shravani aka Surbhi Jyoti and Maha Naagrani will dance on maha sapera’s tunes.
As per a news portal, the shooting of Naagin3 is in full swing.
Nagin 3 will play the finale episode on 26 May and is all set to entertain the audiences to its core.