Naagin 4 11th April 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Brinda says she is not willing to say. Accidentally, Dev touches the hot bowl. Brinda worries and pours water in his hand. Tu Nazm Nazm a song plays. He makes her sit on the kitchen slab and says that he is trying to understand her. Brinda says it is not possible. Dev says that he wants to thank for whatever she has done for Lily.

Lily tries to convince her that the baby is hers and we see Shalaka ready to work out her plan and go on a vacation with Dev to get to know each other. Brinda plans some other.

Manyeta and Keshav will get married in a temple. At the time of taking vows, the sky turned dark. All of a sudden, a black giant snake and other snakes will come. They warn Manyeta that she is a princess and can’t get married to a human. After one year, Manyeta and Keshav are happy with their married life. But his family gets kidnapped. Manya transforms into Nagin but since Ashlesha’s star arrives, she starts burning and returns as a human. She goes to Lal Takdi Mandir and seeks help and protection in front of the Bholenath statue.

Dev will have an encounter with snakes
After 25 years The kids of Ketaki, Iravati, Geetanjali, Vishali have grown up. Meanwhile, at a fight club in Qatar, Rohan calls his brother Dev and asks him for help because he lost a bet at the casino. In India, Vishali worries that Manyeta and her daughter may not be dead and want to take revenge.

Dev reaches fight club in Qatar and walks inside the boxing arena. Rohan is happy to see him and thinks he has come to save him but Dev slaps Rohan for betting. He pays Rohan lost money and the foreigner who bets with him rewards his success after making money. Nayanatara on the other hand, swears that she will snatch everything from her parents’ culprit, take revenge, and ruin the Parikh family.

Nayantara will tell Manyeta she is going to destroy the family of Parikh. Dev will return to India and will fall on Brinda by accident. At a party, Nayantara will perform belly dance. Dev will have an attack by the snakes.
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