Naagin 4 8th August 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Dev feels all the problems are because of Brinda . They try to find out where exactly in Brinda. She is there dressed as the bride. Dev tries to stop her from killing Hardik but she says she will strangle him. Brinda is all set to finish off Hardik. Everyone stands there shocked. She lets Shreya’s parents leave. But Brinda says she will not spare the others. Vaishali reminds her that she gave shelter to her family. Brinda tells them that she is a murderer who finished off the entire family. Dev does not believe her. Brinda says I will avenge my family. Brinda says I am a Naagin and I do not forget anything.

Brinda says I only want revenge. She talks about how she killed Madhav. She says I killed Harsh because all these boys killed my sister, Nayantara. She says they finished off. Dev looks at her in disbelief. Brinda says I will get revenge. Hardik begs for forgiveness but she kills him. Dev tries to stop her. Shalaka (Rashami Desai) gets worried. Brinda says I should have killed you when I got the chance, Dev. Brinda kills Rasesh and Ketki. Vaishali (Badi Maa) and Shalaka try to run but she stops them.

Dev tries to attack her but fails. Manas tries to shoot her but Brinda kills him. Badi Maa attacks Brinda with bel patra. When she does that, Brinda becomes invisible. She spares Shalaka saying that she knows she is form of Nayantara. Finally, she kills Badi Maa. We see a flashback where Brinda remembers how Dev had attacked her. It seems she comes to know that Dev has the Naagmani. In the end, she does not spare the two daughters either.

Brinda tells Dev she will not kill him so fast. She says she will keep him alive to get the Naagmani. In the flashback, we see how Brinda finds out that Dev was under an evil spell. She understands that Dev is innocent and he has not harmed anyone. Finally, we see it is not Brinda but Vishakha who had taken her form and eliminated the Parekh family. Vishakha stings Dev. The real Brinda comes out of her stupor and meets Vishakha. She says I killed everyone on your behalf.

She is upset that Vishakha killed everyone, including Mili and Geetanjali. Vishakha says she has just stung Dev and he is still alive. Vishakha says Dev will hate you as I killed everyone in your avatar. She says I want the Naagmani. Brinda says I will not give it to you. She says tonight we will have the red moon, which is favourable for me. Vishakha says Dev will die if she does not get the Naagmani. She says I was the one who killed Maanyata and Swara maa. Brinda wants to kill Vishakha but she says only I can guide you on how to save Dev.

Dev wakes up and finds his family all dead. He sees Brinda and strangles her. She says I did not do it. She tries to make him remember what happened in the past. He is infuriated with her. She says the only thing I hid from you is that I am a naagin. He tells her to kill him. Brinda tells him that he has the Naagmani. He calls her a murderer. She shows him the Naagmani on his forehead. He cannot see the Naagmani on his forehead. Dev repeatedly tells Brinda to kill him.

Shalakha and Vishakha are having a discussion. She tells Vishakha that she has changed the game. She says I want Dev for myself. Vishakha says a lot is left to be done. Finally, Brinda tells Dev that she cannot let him go. She says you have to come to the temple with me. They reach the mystery temple.