Namak Ishq Ka 12th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Yug and Gunjan sit in the mandap to get married. Yug keeps looking for Kahani. Iravati smirks as the priest starts mantras. He asks who will do gath bandhan? Yug shouts Kahani. Kahani comes there. Yug looks at her and thinks I know she is wearing this saree deliberately, I won’t change my mind but she can’t stop me. Kahani goes behind Yug and Gunjan and does their gath bandhan. Rupa thinks this family is playing a game with them, they should end it before it’s too late. Kahani ties the knot but Yug stops her and asks her to tie it tightly. Kahani cries and says fine. She ties their drapes together and moves back. Yug asks the priest to start pheras. Kahani thinks I can’t see him become of someone else, please stop. Yug thinks I will stop if she tells me I am hers, her love is my life so don’t force me to kill myself. Yug starts taking pheras with Gunjan while looking at Kahani. Kahani looks away. Yug says I told you that I will marry in front of you so look here. Kahani says this is not a marriage but your stubbornness and ego. I have seen the ego of many people so I don’t want to cater to your ego. Kahani thinks he is doing this drama for me so if I don’t look then this drama won’t happen. Kahani gets her lawyer’s call, he says I can’t hear you. The priest asks Yug to complete his pheras. Yug says I won’t complete pheras without Kahani looking at me. The lawyer asks Kahani to come and meet him, he is near the lake. Kahani says I can’t come right now, she ends the call. Ronak has put a gun on the lawyer and says call her again, bring her here otherwise you will die today.

The priest asks Yug to complete pheras. Yug asks Kahani why she is standing afar? Kahani says you should be close to the one who you are marrying. Yug says wives are getting their husbands remarried these days. Gunjan whispers to Yug that we should continue to force her more, let’s take one more pheras. Yug and Gunjan continue their pheras. Kahani gets the call again, he says I know your husband is getting married so I want to talk about that only. You will be shocked to know what I want to tell you so please come and meet me. Kahani says okay I am coming. She ends the call and sadly looks at Yug. She looks away. Yug says if she can’t see me get married then she can take the case back. Kahani leaves from there. Yug looks on. Saroj asks Yug to complete the pheras. Yug says you all know why we are doing this so we have to wait till Kahani comes back.

Scene 2
Kahani comes to the lawyer and says we have to bring this truth out to everyone. Come with me. Kahani goes with him. Ronak hides and looks at them. The lawyer brings Kahani to the media. She says what is all this? The lawyer asks Kahani to tell them what’s going on in the house. Kahani says I don’t want to say anything. The reporter asks if her family is pressurizing her to take the case back? Kahani says I don’t want to say anything, let me go. The reporter says your lawyer called us so you have to answer.

The priest tells Yug that time is passing by, take pheras. Yug says I won’t move till Kahani comes back. Saroj says I will go and find her. Iravati thinks only Saroj, Ronak and I know that we have trapped Kahani, she won’t come back soon.

The reporters keep pestering Kahani and asks what is going on in the house? Can we go inside? The lawyer asks why she is saving Yug? Kahani says this is my personal matter. The lawyer says you have involved in court so I will decide what information to give. He tells the reporters that Yug is marrying someone else to pressurize Kahani to take the case back. Yug’s father left his family to run away with someone else. Ravi did the same with Kahani’s mother. Today Yug is marrying someone else too while married to Kahani, they are all cheap people. Their family name is famous but they are characterless, especially Mr. Yug. Kahani gets angry and slaps him. She says don’t say a word against my husband. The reporter says we have to ask you then. Kahani says ask me.

Saroj comes back to Yug and says don’t know where Kahani went. Yug says this marriage won’t happen till Kahani comes back. Ronak says she might be hiding deliberately so this wedding doesn’t happen. Saroj says what if that’s the truth? Rupa prays to God to save their relationship. Ronak gets a call and says on TV? He ends the call and says Kahani is giving an interview on TV. He turns it on. The reporter asks Kahani if her allegation against Ravi Kant is true? She says yes, Ravi is my father and he left my mother to marry another woman. Dadi says this girl is destroying our family, she will not take the case back. The reporter asks Kahani if she wants to extort money from Ravi? Kahani says I just want justice for my mother and I will never take the case back in any condition. Ronak says what will Yug do now? The reporter asks Kahani if she has to choose between justice and her husband then whom will she choose? The reporters say all women are looking up to her now. Kahani says my choice will be justice. Yug is hurt to hear that. Kahani says justice is above all relationships. Saroj says what kind of a girl is she? I fought with everyone to be on her side, I accepted her as my daughter in law, she didn’t want a big family so I agreed to divide the family but this girl is ready to destroy all relationships. Iravati says I could have begged her and do everything she wants but she wants to make fun of us in the world. Ronak says it’s her plan, she wants to become a leader for women. She is doing drama to get attention, she planned all this as she knew we all would be busy with the wedding. Saroj says she stayed here for so many days but she doesn’t have any soft corner for us. People will make fun of us now. Saroj starts getting calls and says people will insult me now. She takes the call. The woman says I didn’t know your son would be like your father too, really sad to hear that. Yug is angry hearing that. Saroj ends the call and says everyone will taunt us now. This girl could have taken money but she took away our respect. Kahani tells the reporter that love doesn’t mean I will accept injustice from my husband. Yug turns off the TV and says if justice matters to her more than her husband then my family matters to me more than my wife. This wedding will happen. Gunjan smirks.

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