Namak Ishq Ka 16th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Gunjan tells Yug that everything is possible in love right? Kahani comes there so Yug says that true love has the power to break all bounds. Gunjan says I feel lucky that you love me so much. Yug says I don’t love you Gunjan. Gunjan is stunned to hear that and says what are you saying? Yug says if you get to know that I don’t love you but someone else then what would you do? Gunjan says you mean Kahani? Yug says I mean if I loved anyone else? Gunjan says you are my life and if someone tries to snatch you from me then I will kill that person. She takes the knife. Yug says what if I stand between you and that person as protection? Gunjan pulls him closer and says you are my love, if you try to stop me then I will break you too, nobody can come in between me and my love, not even you. But I know you love me so much so I don’t need to worry, she leaves from there. Kahani is worried. Juhi gives water to Yug and says mom trusts you the most, Gunjan loves you the most so don’t break their hearts, she leaves. Kahani rushes to Yug and says Gunjan.. Yug says don’t worry, I am Gunjan’s stubbornness but I am your right, she can leave her stubbornness but you won’t leave your right. Kahani smiles and nods.

At night time, Kahani and Rani in their small room. Otherside Yug is missing Kahani in his room. Gunjan is sleeping so he leaves from there. Yug calls Kahani and says I needed to tell you something, you have right on me but as a husband I have the right to be with you all the time, talk to you all night long. Kahani says why be awake at night? I am very sleepy so go to sleep. Yug says you can’t love by checking the time, I am missing you. Kahani says social distancing is important in this time. Yug gets miffed and says fine. Kahani laughs and says don’t worry, I am coming to you. She ends the call and starts leaving but Saroj comes there. Saroj asks what she is thinking? That how I came here? I have the duplicate key to this room, where were you going? Kahani says nothing. Saroj says my neck is hurting so will you give me a massage? She takes her phone and says will you give me the massage? Kahani says okay.

Yug is waiting for Kahani and says why didn’t she come till now?

Kahani is giving a massage to Saroj. Yug calls her. Saroj sees it and says why he is calling you at this hour? Kahani says uh… Saroj says you left this house then came back suddenly, now Yug is calling you at this hour, did something happen? Kahani says nothing. Saroj says you told me once that if Yug accepts you, says he loves you then you won’t be stopped by anyone? is it like that now? Kahani says it’s not needed anymore, Yug has won in every way and I have lost to him in every way. Saroj says you are up to a new drama? Kahani says no all dramas are done. Saroj says then why don’t you leave this house? Why be a burden on my son? You are a pain for him. Kahani looks on. Yug calls her again. Saroj says he seems impatient. Kahani recalls how Yug said that he will get Kahani’s place in his house in his own way. Yug keeps calling her. He comes there to see Saroj sitting there. Kahani gets tensed. Saroj asks him to cut the call, come inside. Yug comes to her. Saroj says why did you keep calling her? What did you want to ask? Kahani says yes, why were you calling me? What’s so urgent? Yug says actually.. uh.. Saroj says you both are stammering, is there something wrong? Gunjan comes there and asks why everyone is here? She asks Yug what he is doing here? Kahani asks him to answer them. Yug acts angry and says you didn’t even turn off the stove, it was burning and could have burned the whole house down, you are so careless. Rani wakes up and says Kahani forgot to turn off the stove. Saroj thinks these three are doing so much drama. Gunjan says she wants to burn this house down. Kahani says I remember turning off the stove, he just likes to blame me. Yug says come with me and see. He takes Kahani from there. Gunjan tries to go behind them but Saroj asks her to bring water for her. Gunjan nods and goes. Saroj thinks Yug is lying to me as well, their truth will come out anyway. I just have to protect Yug from Kahani’s charm.

Kahani asks Yug till when she has to lie to everyone? Yug says the truth is our love and we can lie to protect it, leave it now, we don’t get much time together. Kahani says what to do now? Yug says you were telling me what a girl and guy talk about late at night. Kahani says I don’t remember. Yug says that we should be with each other without a filter. He pins her to the wall. Kahani says I will check the stove. Yug pulls her back and says I am burning without you. Kahani says you have to be patient, now go and sleep. Yug says do you know it’s been 7 months since our meeting and we just hated each other, I have to erase those memories with love now. Kahani blushes and says let me go. Yug says give me love first. Kahani smiles and pulls him closer. She kisses his forehead, his cheeks. Sajanwa plays as Yug kisses her forehead. Kahani closes her eyes. Yug moves closer to her.

In the morning, Kahani and Yug come to a place. Yug says we are here to ask our family priest. He might give us a solution. They both meet the priest. Yug says I need your help, you know this is Kahani, she is my wife now. The priest says but you were set to marry Gunjan right? Yug says yes, I will tell you everything then you decide if I did the right thing or not. Yug says I met Kahani in the mandir first time. He tells him everything, how he married her forcefully then how they fell in love and married each other. Yug says nobody denies you in our house so if you come to our house and talk to them. The priest says if Kahani is your love then who was Gunjan? Yug says she was my friend and I never loved her, my mom asked me to marry Gunjan and I would have done it but it would have been a mistake as I don’t love her. I have to tell Gunjan that marriage means to love from both sides. If you tell her that then.. The priest says true love respects the feelings of others, your love is true, I will be with you both but I want to ask something.

Gunjan asks Dolly if she saw Yug? She says Yug left in his car. Gunjan says then where did Kahani go? Kahani comes there and says I went grocery shopping, if you want to keep an eye on me then you can come with me next time. Saroj tells Gunjan to not argue with her. The family priest comes there. Saroj greets him and asks him to come inside. All family members greet him. Rupa and Gunjan take his blessing. The priest says only Rupa is your daughter-in-law. Saroj says Gunjan has married Yug too. The priest asks why she is not wearing sindoor then? Saroj says some people have cursed this house so their marriage couldn’t be completed. The priest says it will never be. all look on.