Namak Ishq Ka 21st January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kahani looks at Rupa’s locket. She sees her photo with Rony. Yug comes there. Rani goes inside. Yug says what are these tears for? Your plan bit you? Now you won’t get the money or husband. I told you I will save my bhabNhi’s heart. Now stay away from my family. The box falls. Yug sees the locket.

The maid and her husband discuss poor Gunjan. Her both finctions got ruined. They say Kahani also looks innocent. Gunjan slits her wrist. Everyone comes there. Saroj says what did you do? Iravati says how could you shed your blood? She says none of the rituals happened, would my wedding happen? Iravati says you will get married. That’s my promise. No one can between me and my plan. When it comes to me, I can do a lot. She says only papa and I know what you can do. Iravati is shocked. She says what? Gunjan says you have done so much for us. Saroj says what have you done? Rupa comes in. Saroj says Rupa tell her. See what is she doing? She slit her writst. Rupa walks in without talking. she faints. Rony holds her. Saroj says what happened to her? Rony says she’s dehydrated I will take care of her.

Yug says you are a husbnad thief. I won’t let you steal my bhabhi’s sindur. If there is any trouble tell me. She says I am helpless by my love. I love Ronak. It’s bigger than your family and Rupa’s sindur. He says do you even know what love is? Love isn’t meant to steal things. You’re a thief. He recalls when his dad left them. Yug says one dancer ruined my mom’s life and I won’t let another ruin my bhabhi’s life. He grasps her hand. Her her hand bleeds. Kahani says it hurts.

Rony brings Rupa to room. She opens eyes. Rupa says was it all a lie? Your happiness, my trust, why did you do this to me? Why? You broke my heart and my bangles. What does this mangalsutra means now? I was so happy. Why did you do this to me? He says because of this very reason. You are so typical. The one who walks with me and people look at us. You’re stained. I never loved you for a moment. Who would love a scarred woman like you? I won’t. She say I will clean this scar. She picks a knife. Rony says leave it.

Ygu sees Kahani’s hand bleeding. He walks out. Rony says my brother has ruined my life because of you. He abducted Kahani, filed false case and all this. I would have married her without telling you but Yug did all this to save your heart. So I had to marry Kahani. Rupa says you never loved me for a moment? He says never. Leave my hand. Rupa cries. He leaves. Rupa recalls him calling her face like moon.

Rupa comes to rooftop and jumps from there. Yug sees her and runs upstairs. He holds her hand. Everyone comes out and they scream. Rupa is hanging while Yug is holding her hand. Kahani calls Rony. He says Rupa tried to jump off the roof. Yug pulls Rupa up.

Rupa is fainted. Iravati says why isn’t she opening eyes. Saroj calls a doctor. Gunjan says how did she fall? Iravati says yes you were there. He says I don’t know. Iravati says we will only know when she opens eyes.

Yug drags Rony by his collar. He says stop it. I don’t like this. Leave my collar. Yug says you made me this. Bhabhi maa jumped off the roof. Why did she? He says how would I know. Yug says did you tell her about Kahani and you? Tell me. Rony says in heart I don’t need to be scared.