Namak Ishq Ka 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Yug tells Kahani that he doesn’t remember himself saying that he loves her. He advises her not to stoop so low. Gunjan takes him to their house. His mother tells Kahani that she got scared the last night because of the claims she made. But now she knows that her teaching have their effect on Yug.

Iravat comes and tells Kahani that she got the images deleted from her phone. She asks Kahani to leave as there is nothing left for her. Raunak also takes the opportunity and goes to talk to Kahani. He says that his younger brother is cold-hearted but he is not. He says that you should continue your previous job. He asks her to be his and says that he will wait for her reply.

On his way home, Yug meets two men who were there in the party with them. They remind him how they played holi together and how he was telling her that he is her Krishna and she is his Radha. Kahani confronts Yug and says that he should have trusted her and that he has a problem with not trusting her. She says that people generally speak only truth when they are intoxicated but he lied even when he was intoxicated. She says that she cannot be friends with him and breaks all relations with him.

Gunjan also comes there and accuses Kahani of being a gold digger. She asks her to stop dreaming. Gunjan takes Yug with him.

Iravat is wondering if Yug actually said I love you to Kahani. She says that this will lead to Kahani’s death. Raunak says that he will not live in this house anymore as no one respects him here. He searches for change in the house for his needs. Rupa says that she is not going anywhere and if he forces her she will call Iravat. Raunak holds Rupa’s hand. Iravat comes and tells him to leave her hand or he will lose his own. Raunak asks Dadi to intervene. Dadi holds Iravat while Raunak forcefully tries to take Rupa. Kahani comes there and stops Raunak. Iravat says that now because you don’t want her to go, I will make sure that Raunak does what he wants. Kahani tries to stop him while Rupa resists Raunak. Kahani tells everyone that Rupa is pregnant. Everyone in the house is pleased to know about this good news. Raunak says no fight from now onwards with Rupa. Raunak tells Iravat that his baby is coming to this house and he does not want Kahani to cast her shadow on him. He says that either she leaves the house or he will.

Yug’s mother pleads her to go as the kid won’t learn anything good in her presence. She joins hands in front of Kahani and begs her to leave. Kahani recalls the promise she gave to Rupa and decides to leave. Rupa intervenes and says that she will not leave. If anybody can harm my baby then it’s Raunak. She asks Kahani to go back to her room.