Namak Ishq Ka 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Satya tells Karan that I am the real director of this play. Karan says I completely agree. The flashback shows how Karan was entering Yug’s house by climbing a wall. He says I am entering like a robber. He tried to jump but Satya caught him and asked who are you? Karan said that I am an actor and just need to meet Mr. Yug. Do you know him? I will do anything you want if you get me to meet him. Satya says you want to meet Yug? I will get it done, I will get a movie for you and I will make you a hero also. Karan says what? Satya says you will marry also. There is a girl in Yug’s house so if you marry her then you will get many pictures from Yug. The flashback ends. Satya thinks now I will handle Iravati as Gunjan will get busy with Karan. Karan thanks Satya for getting him everything. Satya says you did my work too, get your mother here in 24 hours.

Kahani is digging in the wall and says I can’t lose. She hears someone coming and hides the hole with Bholenath’s photo. Iravati enters there so Kahani acts like sleeping. Iravati goes and straightens the photo, Kahani is tensed. Iravati thinks she is sleeping and says I will kill Satya and Kahani soon, she leaves. Kahani says what is she up to?

Yug and Satya are in their room. Yug stares at her. She thinks all he knows is romance. Saroj comes there and says I am not feeling well. Iravati did a mistake. Yug says she keeps doing mistakes. Saroj says if Kahani says sorry to her as she is an elder. Yug says that doesn’t mean she can keep insulting Kahani. Saroj says I just want peace in this house, she says Kahani you are our daughter in law so you should think about your responsibility to keep peace in this house, I just want you to forget everything. Kahani says I will talk to her, don’t worry. Yug says think about it. Satya says my family is most important to me. Yug says she tried to malign your character. Satya says it’s okay, love will make everything fine. Saroj says she is very mature, thank you Kahani, she leaves. Yug caresses her face and says you are so lovely. Satya thinks I am not good, it’s your wife Kahani that’s good. She says let’s go to sleep. Yug thinks why does she keep going away from me?

In the morning, all pray to Lord. Iravati tells Satya that we all fast for our husbands’ safety. I am happy that you kept a fast too. I am sorry about whatever happened yesterday, everything wrong is happening these days so something should clean up this house. Saroj says what can we do? Iravati says Kahani can do Tandav. Satya is shocked and says what? Iravati says yes, this will bring peace to this house. Saroj says that’s a good idea. Satya thinks I don’t know how to do any tandav, what will I do now? She goes from there.

Karan is calling Satya and says why is she not picking up? What’s her plan?

Kahani is in the basement and says I don’t think I have much time. Satya knocks on her door and says Iravati wants me to do Tandav. I don’t know how to. Kahani says you can’t do Tandav without your deep faith in Shiv. Satya says what will I do now? Kahani says open the door and I will do Tandav. Satya says have you gone mad? Kahani says just let me come out, I will tell the truth to Yug, I will get your mother treated also. Satya says Yug will call the police on me. Kahani says he will understand your situation. You can’t do tandav so it’s better if we handle this situation together. Satya says I don’t trust people, she goes from there.

Yug tells Rupa that why did Kahani become tensed after hearing about tandav? Kahani has been acting like she wants to be away from me. It’s not my Kahani. He sees Satya coming there and calls her. He says do you remember when we met first? Satya gets tensed. Yug says we met in the Shiv mandir and you were doing tandav there. Satya says yes, I just remember it now. Yug says you can’t lie. Will you do Tandav today or have you forgotten that also? Satya says you will see today. Yug says will you end the performance like you did when we met first? Satya nods and leaves. Rupa says something is wrong with her. Iravati hears them and thinks they are doubting her.

Karan comes to meet Satya and says what is happening? Have you taken my picture away? Satya asks him to calm down and just leave. Karan leaves. Satya thinks I am stuck with Tandav. She calls Karan back and says you have to do another drama.

Iravati makes a juice. Gunjan asks what are you making? Iravati says I have trapped Satya, she won’t be able to do Tandav then Yug will find out the truth and will look for Kahani but he won’t find Kahani as I will make Kahani drink this poisoned juice so Yug will find Kahani’s dead body instead. Gunjan says what if we get trapped? Iravati says Kahani won’t be alive to say anything and nobody would believe Satya. she gives the juice to Gunjan and asks her to keep it in the fridge, give it to Kahani when it’s the right time. Gunjan says I can do that and puts it in the fridge.