Namak Ishq Ka 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Yug is leaving the house with Kahani. Gunjan comes in front of him and says stop. She points a gun at him, all are shocked. Gunjan asks them to stay away, Saroj says have you gone mad. Gunjan says I will shoot Kahani, she has taken Yug away from me. I will kill her. Yug says I am not a toy, I am her husband and will protect her till last breath. He stands in front of her. Kahani tells Gunjan that don’t shoot, it was my mistake so shoot me. Yug asks Kahani to stay behind him. Gunjan tells Yug that she can’t kill him but she can kill herself. She points the gun at herself, Kahani throws a bangle at her, Gunjan gets distracted and the gun falls from her hands. Yug rushes to get the gun, Gunjan fights with him to take the gun, they both try to grab it but the gun fires and shoots Gunjan. All are shocked. Gunjan falls down. Yug is holding the gun in shock. Ronak asks him to rush her to the hospital. Yug lifts her in his arms and takes her away.

The family brings Gunjan to the hospital, she is taken to the OT. All cry for her. Yug asks the doctor to save her, he says we will try our best. The nurse says police will be here soon. Juhi tells Yug that you shot Gunjan for Kahani. Yug says it was sudden. Saroj says you are still taking her side? Yug says I will leave the house with Kahani when Gunjan is fine. Iravati says you are Gunjan’s criminal so you are not going anywhere. The doctor comes out and says Gunjan is out of danger now. The police come there and talk to the doctor. All look on. Kahani leaves from there.

Iravati comes to Kahani and says you messed with me but Yug will bear the punishment now, he will go to jail now, she leaves from there. Kahani thinks if the police find that gun then Yug will go to jail but if they find my finger prints on the gun then Yug will be safe.

Rupa is talking to Iravati. The nurse comes to her and says you came to get an abortion right? Rupa says you are mistaken. The nurse leaves. Iravati asks Rupa to tell the truth. Rupa says I wanted to abort the kid and I gave Kahani’s name in the hospital but I lost in front of my motherly love. Iravati says good, I want the picture of the register where Kahani’s name was written.

Yug is calling Kahani and says where did she go? Ronak comes there and says the whole family is troubled because of you. Yug says I don’t want to talk to you. Ronak says you have lectured me so much for loving that dancer but she is a pious woman because you married her? You are marrying girls left, right and center. The nurse comes there and says Gunjan is awake now. The police go to talk to her.

Kahani comes into the house and finds the gun there. She is about to hold it but Iravati comes there and holds it with her handkerchief. Iravati says Yug will be punished. Kahani says I am ready to go to jail, punish me. Iravati says Yug will free you someday. Kahani says I promise you that I will not fight for my case. Iravati says Yug’s fate will be decided by Gunjan’s statement and I will write that statement. Kahani asks what she wants to say? Iravati says this paper says you got an abortion some day ago. Kahani looks at the paper and says this is a lie. Iravati says I know but when Yug asks you then tell him that this is truth and it was Ronak’s baby. Kahani says I will never lie like this. Iravati says if you don’t then Yug will go to jail for 7 years, that will be enough to destroy his life. Kahani says I am ready to go to jail, don’t break his trust for me. Iravati says till you don’t stoop in Yug’s eyes, he won’t accept Gunjan. You have 2 hours to decide this. Kahani says how can you do this? Iravati says you have made my Gunjan cry so it’s my time now, you can tell me your decision soon. She starts leaving but Kahani stops her and says I am ready to do this, just don’t send Yug to jail. Iravati smirks and says let’s go to the hospital.