Namak Ishq Ka 4th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rupa tells Yug that Kahani is putting her mother first so you have to think about where your family stands in your life. Yug is sad and tells the lawyer that nothing should happen to our baba. Saroj says don’t worry about the money but Ravi’s shouldn’t be shamed. We will solve the division matter internally. Iravati smirks at her. She goes to Ravi and says see, your whole family is with you. Ravi says what about you? Iravati says I am with you too.

Kahani comes to the police station and says I want to file a complaint. She goes to the inspector’s cabin and sits there. He asks her name, she says Kahani Yug Pratap Rajput.. she recalls her divorce and says Chamcham Rani. He asks who is the culprit? She says Ravi Kant Verma. He asks what did he do? Kahani says he is my mother and says he married another woman before legally divorcing my mother. The inspector says we can’t file an FIR, they are big people. Kahani says I will make a video and give it to the new channel. The inspector asks her to put the phone down and he will file an FIR.

The lawyer tells the family to lie in front of the police, we have to protect Ravi. Ronak says the whole family is a liar, don’t worry about it. Dadi asks him to shut up. Gunjan says we can all lie but Ravi is ready to confess. Dadi says then talk sense to him. Rupa tells Ravi that you are responsible for Kahani’s destruction but if you go to the police then you will destroy my and Gunjan’s life as well. The inspector comes there and says Ravi has to come with us to the police station, Kahani has filed a complaint against him. Kahani enters there and glares at Yug. Iravati says you can ask him anything here. The inspector says please cooperate otherwise we will have to arrest him. Yug says he is not a criminal. Ravi says I will come with you but I want to talk to my wife alone first. He takes Iravati from there.

Ravi and Iravati come into the room. She is angry at him and locks the door. Ravi says I just want to say that every plot ends and all bad things come to light. I am going to pay for my mistakes, I will let what Kahani wants to happen but when I come back then I will make sure you pay for your deeds. Iravati smirks and says you wanted to talk about this after years? It’s good that you still have a good memory, you remember what I did. Let me just tell you that what I did was because of you only. You used to hide from me and go to Kahani’s mother. If it was someone else then it would have been worst. Ravi says you had thrown your husband’s car in a cliff, what’s worse than that? Iravati says you know my nature but you can never prove who pushed the car on the cliff so don’t open your mouth. If you blame me then everyone will think you got threatened by Kahani. Ravi says I just want to say that I am Kahani’s father, I won’t let anything bad happen to her. Just remember that. I will handle you when I come back, he leaves from there. Iravati glares at him.

Ravi comes to the police and says I am ready to go. Iravati says Kahani you are doing the wrong thing. Rupa asks her to not cry. Saroj asks her to not worry, nothing will happen to him. Ravi sadly looks at Kahani and blesses her. Kahani cries and looks away. He goes from there. Yug says you got him arrested finally, signed divorce papers so go from here. Kahani says I have just signed the papers, it’s not final. Even after the divorce, you can’t throw me out of this house because I have half right on this property and wealth. All are stunned. She says stop holding my hand again, you can’t force your ex-wife, right lawyer? Yug glares at her. Ronak murmurs I got saved in time from her. Kahani glares at him and goes to her room. The lawyer asks Iravati to come with him to the office. Saroj goes with them.

Kahani is sitting in her room and recalls her divorce.

The lawyer talks to Iravati and asks if she knew about Ravi’s marriage? Iravati says I got to know about his first marriage after marrying him. He told me that he was not happy with her so I believed him. We never tried to look for his first wife or his two kids. Then Kahani came into our lives. Kahani has been talking about her mother but she doesn’t talk about her sister, maybe she doesn’t know of her existence. The lawyer says I will talk to your family as well.

In the morning, the lawyer tells the family that if Kahani proves in court that she is Ravi’s daughter then she can inherit half of the property. I would suggest convincing her to take the case back. Kahani comes there and says I won’t take the case back. Saroj says I know Ravi did a mistake but he is your father. Kahani says so should I forgive him? Let everything go? He wasn’t a good father but I should be a good daughter? I don’t want to act great, I might have his blood but I am not his daughter. I just came here to say that I want 5 lacs. All are stunned. Ronak says who is distributing money? Iravati asks why she wants money? Kahani says Yug hasn’t divorced me as of yet, I am asking my husband to give me money. I need a lawyer so I need money to hire him. Yug glares at her. Kahani says you have 2 hours to give me money Yug otherwise I can sell some stuff of this house to get money, she leaves from there. The lawyer says you will have to give money to her, he leaves from there. Yug says I won’t give a penny to her. Saroj says I want to talk to you, she takes him from there. Rupa says this is all happening because Ronak brought Kahani into our lives. Ronak says just kill me.

Saroj tells Yug that I have thought a lot and I think you should give money to Kahani. A lot has happened and if you help her then she will feel you are with her, you will gain her trust then you can use her trust. If you give her money then her heart will melt, she will feel that her husband standing up for her. She might not take the case back but it will make your relationship with her stronger, that’s what I want. But keep standing on your words about marrying Gunjan. Yug says it will hurt Gunjan’s feelings. Saroj says you are doing all this for her husband. She brings money and asks him to give it to Kahani. He goes from there.

Gunjan comes to Iravati and says Yug took money to Kahani. Iravati says that’s the price for breaking their relationship. This was Saroj’s plan as well, just be happy always. You will get married to Yug on Monday, he was always yours and will be yours.

Yug comes to Kahani with money. Kahani takes the bag and says I.. just wanted to say that I am not greedy, I need this money because I can’t punish Ravi without this money. Yug says it doesn’t hurt to say all this for your father? Kahani says I have cried a lot for my father so he should cry some. Yug says please take the case back before it’s late. Kahani says no. Yug says fine, you will be the first woman who will get her husband married to someone else. He leaves from there. Kahani looks on.