Namak Ishq Ka 4th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kahani is running away from the goons when she bumps into Yug. Yug glares at the goons. Goons say this is our item so leave her. Kahani tells Yug to save her, they are behind her. Yug says you called my help a charity and now you are asking for help? The goons start coming near Kahani, she hides behind Yug. The goon is about to touch Kahani but Yug grabs his hand, he asks if he doesn’t have sisters and mothers at his house? The goon insults him but Yug starts beating them. He hits them with glass bottles, a goon cuts Yug’s arm with glass. Kahani is shocked to see all that. Yug beats the goon and says you people don’t care about your wives but you get trapped by dancer’s beauty? You people want to spend your money on dancers while your families have hopes from you? You can’t remember the honor of your family before doing all this? This kind of dancer breaks houses and you people break the hearts of your family. He keeps beating them. Kahani stops him and says have you gone crazy? He will die. Yug pushes her away and says when a house breaks, it breaks everyone in the family but you don’t care Kahani. He beats the goon and says you people are a disrespect to the families. He keeps beating them. Kahani and some other men stop Yug. Kahani holds him back. He glares at her and drags her from there. He brings to the road and says now you can dance, I will handle everyone. I don’t understand if I am saving them or you. He asks the seller to play the music and asks Kahani to dance. Kahani stands in the middle of the road and starts dancing. Yug drinks tea and looks at her. Kahani gets dizzy while dancing. She falls down. Yug rushes to her and asks her to open her eyes. Kahani murmurs that I didn’t break anyone’s house, Ronak kidnapped Lucky and Rani. He lifts her and takes her from there.

Saroj is waiting for Yug to come back. She recalls Yug’s words that Lucky and Rani are hungry so he can’t eat. He cares.

Yug brings Kahani to the hospital as she is unconscious. Kahani keeps murmuring that she didn’t break anyone’s house. Yug asks Kahani to wake up. The doctor comes there and asks him to wait outside. Yug leaves from there.

Lucky and Rani are waiting for Kahani. Lucky cries and says I am hungry. Rani offers him water and says be brave, we will wait for Kahani. She makes him drink water.

Saroj says I am waiting for Yug and then will question him, he can see everyone’s pain but not his mother’s. He left the house for that dancer. Rupa comes there and says Iravati is calling her. Rupa says if she asks about Yug’s food then tell her that he ate it, don’t worry Yug will make everything fine. Saroj nods.

The doctor calls Yug. Yug asks how is she? The doctor says she fainted because of weakness, we have given her an IV and you have to take care of her. The nurse asks him why he didn’t take care of his wife? You have to take care of her diet, I will give you a plan. She leaves. Yug sits there and says if you had taken money from me then this wouldn’t have happened, I got scolded by a nurse because of you. He touches her head and says when you wake up then I will scold you.

Scene 2
Lucky tells Rani that I can’t bear this hunger anymore. Rani gives him more water but he says I am hungry, I need food. Lucky starts going downstairs. He gets dizzy and faints. Rani cries and asks him to wake up. She tries to get food for him but Dolly stops her. Patanga comes there and says these kids are hungry, I can’t do this. I will bring food for them. He brings food but Iravati comes there and stops him. Iravati tells Patanga that you are a servant here so stay within your limits. She slaps him hard and says remember this for life. Lucky asks for food. Iravati tells Patanga if you pity them again, come to me and I will slap you again. Patanga cries and nods. Iravati asks him to get lost. He leaves.

Kahani murmurs to Yug that trust me Ronak kidnapped Lucky-Rani, trust me Yug, please. The doctor comes there and asks Yug what she is saying? Kahani wakes up and asks where are Rani and Lucky? Yug says you have a treatment going on. Kahani pushes IV out and says I have to reach my kids. She comes out and the seller comes there, he gives the money that she earned from dancing. She takes money and leaves from there. Yug runs behind her.

Rani begs Iravati and says he will die, please give him some food. You can give him stale food but he will die like this. Rani begs Dadi, Gunjan too but they look away. Rani begs Ronak for food but he smirks at her. Rani comes to Rupa and begs her to give food to Lucky, I can stay hungry but just give him food. Rupa says I will bring food for him. Iravati tells her that this is their drama. Saroj says he is a kid and will die, don’t do this. I am against Kahani too but this kid is innocent so don’t do this. Iravati says you didn’t have this much pity for Gunjan? These kids will not get any food. Dadi says this Iravati will make us do sin, if he dies then his soul will be behind us. Iravati says I will scare their souls away from here. Lucky murmurs that he needs food. Rani tells Lucky that you are a strong boy, just get up. She cries when he doesn’t get up. Rani tells them that if they can’t give food then please give some sugar and salt. Iravati says we will not even give poison to you. Kahani comes there with food. She is shocked to see Lucky unconscious. She rushes to him and asks him to wake up. Yug comes there too. Rupa asks how he got hurt? Yug says I am fine. Kahani makes Lucky drink some juice. He wakes up. Kahani says I have brought sandwiches for you. She makes him eat while all look on. Kahani says you will never be hungry again, I am with you. Kahani tells the family that thank you for making me realize why I am poor, you people have made me understand that actually, I am rich from heart, I have the love of my siblings and the blessing of God. You people don’t even have a heart so you all are actually poor, you have no humanity? Why didn’t you give him food? Iravati says we are not answerable to you. Yug says but you have to answer me didi. He stands in front of Iravati.