Namak Ishq Ka 5th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Yug is sad and recalls Kahani’s words that his heart is confused, he should ask himself what she is to him, he said I love you to her but then made her a liar in front of everyone. Yug tries to ignore her but he keeps imagining Kahani everywhere. He sees Kahani in front of him and she asks who is she to him? He has to tell otherwise she will leave, Yug screams no.. Gunjan comes to him and says I have good news, Rupa is pregnant. We are arranging a party tonight. Yug smiles.

Iravati asks Rupa why she told that dancer about being pregnant and not to her family first? Saroj says it was happy news but you told that dancer? Rupa says it’s not happy news, what will I tell my baby? That its father left me for a dancer? What’s this child’s mistake that Ronak is the father? I was talking to myself and Kahani heard everything. Iravati says then why did you stop her from leaving? Rupa says my husband is at fault, he has given all pains to me and Kahani helped me with my baby. She has done a favor on a mother so I can never repay her.

The party is going on for Rupa’s baby. Gunjan hugs Rupa and says I am so happy for you, I am going to be an aunt. Iravati says we could have another happiness today if Kahani had left but Rupa didn’t let her go. Rupa asks her to stop saying all that.

Yug is talking to guests at the party and looks at Kahani. She tries to ignore him. Yug goes behind her. Kahani doesn’t listen to him. Kahani tries to go into the room but Yug stops her and says I didn’t remember what happened yesterday, I shouldn’t talk to you today. I shouldn’t have blamed you for lying. Kahani ignores him. Yug pushes the door and goes into the room. He asks her to listen to him. Kahani says why should I listen to you when you were not listening to me in the morning? She pushes him out of the door and locks it. Yug says I will come back when I have the answer about who you are to me, I will clear all the confusion soon. He leaves from there.

Iravati looks at Kahani’s photo and says what will happen tonight will be unknown to anyone. I will push you to a new low tonight. Everyone will think you left because of the baby.

Yug tells Kahani that I know you can’t forgive a friend so soon but you can talk to me, I want to listen to you today but you are silent now? Kahani thinks you don’t understand my silence. Yug tells Kahani that he is leaving. Kahani cries and sits on the door.

Iravati says to herself that tonight will be the last night of Kahani.

Kahani cries so her siblings ask her to not cry and listen to Yug. Kahani says don’t take your jiju’s side anymore. I loved the person who can’t even be a proper friend, he can’t understand my emotion. I am a fool to think he would respect the friendship. He is not as strong as he looks. He broke my trust even when I told him not to. The kids wipe her tears.

Iravati tells herself that I will make you my puppet tonight.

Scene 2
The guests do Rupa’s rituals. Harsh says I want a sister. Yug comes to the party and keeps looking for Kahani. He comes to Rani and asks where is Kahani? Rani says she is not coming to the party as people can say anything to her and then forget it, it’s better if she stays in her room.

Kahani sits in her room and sketches Yug. Saroj comes there and says when you agreed to me downstairs, I really liked it but when Rupa stopped and you stopped then I was angry at you, you shouldn’t have stayed, I controlled my anger but I don’t know where I will take out my anger. I am just requesting you to not come to the party. Kahani says don’t worry Maa, I was not coming to the party. Saroj asks what she was sketching? Kahani says I was sketching Yug, I will give it to you. Saroj says you can keep the sketch but you should give my son back. Kahani says why are you always miffed with me? Yug forcefully married me and if I liked this force then what’s my fault? Your son was yours and will be yours but my sindoor will always be with me, I can’t return it. I fulfill my promises and I promised that I will leave when Ravi becomes fine so just keep patience and trust in me. Saroj says I will wait for that day but don’t forget your promise, she leaves.

Yug is at the party and calls Kahani. Kahani cuts his call and keeps sketching. He calls her again but she cuts it again. Yug says I don’t know what she thinks of herself. Rani says you are a fool sometimes, girls like when they are made feel special but you are useless, you couldn’t even break a door. Yug says I don’t like breaking my hand. Rani says keep calling her till she picks, he says I don’t have time. Rani says you are useless. She leaves. Yug calls Kahani again, Kahani picks the call and says what’s your problem? Are you not enjoying party? Yug says no, I mean all are here so come down. Kahani says your mother said to not come in the party as anything will be blamed on me, you can enjoy yourself. Yug says what are you doing in the room? Kahani says I am making a sketch of a king, you said you won’t come here till you find the answer so don’t talk to me. Yug says if we don’t spend time and talk to each other then how will I figure out? Kahani says I can’t come downstairs as your mother forbade me. Yug says I ignored her for you so you can’t ignore her words? Come downstairs. Kahani says I am not coming, she ends the call and smiles.

Iravati is doing black magic. Kahani feels dizzy in her room.

At the party, all stand together for a family photo but Kahani comes there and says stop. All look on. Kahani says all members of the family should be in the photo. She goes and stands there. Saroj says I told you to not come here. Kahani asks her to smile. Yug glances at her. Saroj asks the photographer to just click it. Saroj tells Kahani that she likes to be an uninvited guest. Kahani says nobody said that he is not enjoying the party and I should be here. Yug looks at her. A guest says that with a respected family, a dancer is standing. Rupa thanks him for coming and asks him to leave. Iravati says you shouldn’t talk to him like that. Rupa says he should be respectful of the family members. Yug says yes, we didn’t call him to insult our family. The guest says why you have soft corner for this dancer? Ronak says they are blinded by the dancer. Kahani says I should leave. Ronak says this is not a dance party so she should leave. Kahani says I have seen you enjoy those dance parties a lot, I am not interested in this party. Rupa says you are not going anywhere Kahani. Iravati says what has she done to you Rupa? Rupa says happiness should be shared. Dadi says don’t act so great. Yug asks Rupa if she is hiding anything? Gunjan recalls what if Rupa tells about the gunpowder? Gunjan says Didi just feeling hormones. She asks everyone to go for the food. All leave. Yug sees Kahani feeling dizzy.

All family members are dancing in the party. Kahani is dancing with Rani. Yug keeps an eye on her while Gunjan dances with him. Yug comes near Kahani but she moves away. Kahani feels dizzy and Iravati smirks. She thinks I have to leave from here soon. Iravati sees Rupa going and asks where? Rupa says I have to give medicine to Ravi, Iravati says I will give it to him, she leaves from there.