Namak Ishq Ka 5th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Yug tells Iravati that she has to answer him. Ronak asks him to be silent. Yug says I won’t be silent today. I have questions from everyone today. I will never forget this day. I have seen the pain of a dancer and the cruelty of rich people, I thought you all were humans but you are stone-hearted. You people tried to break an innocent kid? If Kahani didn’t bring food today then he would have died. Gunjan asks why he is taking her side Yug says because Kahani is right today. He asks why they didn’t give food to Lucky when he was fainting? Iravati says I don’t like you questioning me but this is not a welfare center where anyone can come to ask for food. Gunjan tells Yug that you love me but you are always running behind this Kahani so I hate her. She is in this house because of you only. Saroj says I have an answer too, you married this Kahani, you brought her and these kids to this house so it will be your sin if something happens to them. You are responsible for all this. Rupa says why are they staying here and with which right? Think about it. Dadi says just throw this dancer out of the house, if someone from them die then doesn’t question us. Ronak says nobody likes dancers or orphans staying in the house so throw them out. Kahani says you people are not responsible for these kids. She tells Ronak that they are not orphans, I am alive so they are not orphans, they are my kids so don’t ever say that again. Yug claps at everyone and says I can’t believe you all think like this. Yug tells Saroj that you are right, I brought them in this house so they are my responsibility from now on. Iravati says you don’t want to throw her out of the house anymore? Kahani says don’t you remember what happened when you tried last time? Don’t even think about throwing me out of the house. She starts taking the kids away but she comes to Yug and says you have taken my side for the first time so thank you but what you saw today and heard, just think about it so maybe you will realize that not all dancers are bad in this world, thank you. She leaves from there while Yug looks on.

Rani tells Kahani that Yug is not as bad as he seems. Lucky says he took your side today, he is brave. Yug comes there and says it’s my unfortunate luck too. He tells Kahani that I thought about it, you are a pain for me as I had to go against my family today because of you. Kahani asks Rani and Lucky to leave, they do. Kahani tells Yug that I got to know that rich people don’t have heart but you don’t have common sense, Lucky could have died but you are still blaming me? You were taking my side in front of your family so what was that? Yug says I just know that you are a kind who can break families, I had to fight with my family because of you, I had to lose respect because of you. I had to take you to the hospital when I had an important meeting. Kahani says I never asked you to come behind me, save me and take me to the hospital. You help me so that you can taunt me. You can give me the hospital bill and I will pay it but don’t insult me like this. Yug says till you are in this house, I can’t stop insulting you. This family have stopped being happy since you have come here. I am asking you leave me and my family alone. Kahani says your problem is that you think that all lies are true, you might be educated but you don’t know who a liar is and who is not that’s why you can’t see Ronak and Iravati are wrong. Yug says I won’t hear a word against my family. Kahani says I know, you can scold me and insult me but please don’t show your anger in front of Lucky and Rani because they think that their jiju is best. They don’t get much happiness so I am begging you to give them this happiness, let them be in a bubble that Yug is a best man. She cries and leaves from there. Yug recalls how Kahani murmured in the hospital that Ronak kidnapped Rani and Lucky.

Ronak says to himself that why was Kahani thanking Yug today? Kahani is my love so Yug can’t be her hero, please God do something.

Patanga is hurt because of Iravati’s slap. Dolly asks him to let it be. Patanga says can’t I even cry in this house? Iravati has hurt my heart. Dolly says you shouldn’t have helped those kids. Patanga says I don’t care anymore.

Yug comes to Ronak and drags him to the roof. Kahani is there. Yug asks him to tell the truth, did he kidnap Rani and Lucky? Ronak says am I a spy? How would I know? Yug says Kahani was murmuring that you kidnapped them. Ronak says she is lying. Yug says she can’t lie when she was unconscious. Ronak says I can say rubbish things when I am inebriated. Kahani says just swear on Harsh and tell us the truth. Ronak tells Yug that she is dragging Harsh in all this. I can promise on someone else. Yug asks him to promise on Harsh and tells us. Ronak says I won’t promise on him. Kahani says if you are saying the truth then promise on his name? Ronak asks her to stop it. He asks why did he bring him on the roof? I am going from here. Yug says just promise on him otherwise.. Ronak says okay.. I will promise on my son, on my family and everyone else that I am not a kidnapper. Kahani says he is lying. Ronak says I don’t care what you think, he starts leaving but Yug grabs him and pushes him from the roof.

Iravati tells the family that Yug is feeling Kahani’s pain now. Saroj says you are right, he is asking us questions for that dancer. Gunjan says we should talk to Yug but he shouldn’t get angry. Iravati says if we give pain to Kahani then Yug will be worried so we shouldn’t do that anymore. Iravati tells Juhi to arrange a separate stove and some ingredients for Kahani and her kids. She says we will give them food and everything but then question Yug about till when Kahani will stay here.

Yug is hanging Ronak from the roof and asks him to tell the truth. I feel like Kahani is right today. Kahani asks him to stop it, Ronak can die. Yug says he has to tell the truth today. Ronak cries and says bring me up. Kahani says just tell the truth otherwise you will die Ronak. Yug counts till ten but Ronak stops him and says I will tell the truth. He says I kidnapped Lucky and Rani. Yug asks where? Ronak says I kidnapped them in our factory. Yug asks what was the time and date? Ronak says it was January and 12th. Kahani says why did you kidnap them? Ronak says so that I could blackmail Kahani to marry me but Yug failed my plan. Yug is angry to hear that. Kahani asks if she ever loved him? Ronak says never, you never loved me, just bring me up. Yug brings him back on the roof. Ronak coughs and tells Yug that he has gone crazy, you wanted me to die today? For this dancer? Kahani says yes because I have been trying to tell the truth but no one listened to me. I kept telling Yug that Ronak kidnapped my siblings but not one listened, today the truth is out. She tells Yug that I told you many times that I don’t want to destroy your sister’s life, you didn’t see my truth but you kept trusting your brother. You didn’t even see that I did everything because I was blackmailed. You were blinded by your family’s honor, you rich people can never see the truth of us poor. You can’t see our truth but you can taunt our athics, I was never a liar, I never lied to you, I was blackmailed, I was helpless but I was not a liar. She leaves from there. Ronak tries to talk to Yug but Yug tells him that he has made him lose all the respect, our relationship won’t break but my patience is breaking so leave. He leaves from there. Yug says the girl who was a mistake for me, now I have become a sinner in her eyes. I have done the sins when I was trying to do the right thing.

Kahani comes to the mandir and thanks bhole nath for bringing out the truth. Yug got to know that I am not lying. I don’t have a family but I have you to take care of me.