Namak Ishq Ka 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rani sleeping on the bench. Ronak’s goon calls him and says the girl is alone. Ronak says keep an eye on her, I will tell you what to do with her.

The doctor is treating Kahani. Yug is driving the car and recalls Gunjan’s words to let Kahani go, his responsibility is the family and not Kahani. Yug thinks Kahani had to leave someday, I am hurt that Kahani left without telling me but I will pray that the three of them remain happy wherever they are.

The doctor tells the family that he did everything to save the girl. The woman says we should complain to the police, don’t know who this girl is. Another woman prays for her and Kahani suddenly wakes up. She calls out for Yug. The man asks who is she? Kahani says where is Rani? She takes out the IV and leaves from there.

The goon tells Ronak that you should attack Rani, if Kahani is alive then she will come to save her. When Kahani comes then we will kidnap her. Ronak says that’s a good idea.

Rani is sitting in the market. She gets hungry and says I will eat something. Ronak’s goon calls him and says she is going somewhere. Ronak says just hit her with the car, when Kahani comes there then we will take her from there. Yug comes in the market too. Rani is buying food from a stall. Kahani comes on the road to find Rani as well. Ronak’s goon starts driving towards Rani. Yug sees her and runs. Kahani sees her too. Yug runs and saves Rani just in time. Kahani is stunned to see all that. Yug asks Rani if she is fine? She nods. Kahani smiles seeing that. Yug asks where is Kahani? Rani says I don’t know. Kahani is about to go to them but the woman takes her away. Rani says Kahani didn’t come. Yug says your sister wanted to act great and left, you didn’t listen to me as well. Rani says she said she will come to get me. Yug says so you will wait alone here? Your sister doesn’t know how many enemies she has. Let’s come with me. Rani says you don’t take her as a wife, your family doesn’t like her so I can’t come with you. I will wait for her here. Yug says enough, till your sister doesn’t come to get you, you will be with me. He starts dragging her. Rani says I promised to not go back to your house. Yug takes her from there. The woman is holding Kahani and doesn’t let her call out to Yug. Yug puts Rani in the car and says Kahani will come to get Rani.

Ronak comes in the market and sees Yug’s car leaving from there. Ronak hides from him and asks the driver to drive away.

Kahani tells the woman why did you stop me from going to them? Thank God Yug saved Rani from the car. The woman says Yug saved her so why are you worried? Kahani says because I.. I won’t tell you, I am going back to him. Thank you for saving my life but you won’t come behind me. The woman says sorry I stopped you but I saw the pain of love in your eyes. You are crying for him so let him cry for you as well. Sometimes space brings hearts closer. Kahani says I don’t know what Yug feels for me. The woman says I know what love is. Kahani says but this world just cares about status, they make fun of dancers so there is no value of my love. The woman says can you come with me to you my house? If he loves you then he will come to confess his love to you, if he doesn’t come then it means he doesn’t feel anything for you.

Juhi says I can’t believe that Kahani left the house. Rupa says she saved my baby so I will always be thankful. Saroj says she has hurt everyone so don’t take her side. Patanga tells Dolly that this is wrong, they sent Rani away too. They could have made her stay here. Dolly says they forcefully stayed here. Patanga says Yug forcefully married Kahani. Dolly says leave all that.

Yug brings Rani home. Rani is reluctant. All are stunned to see Rani back. Ronak comes there. Saroj says you can’t be in peace without helping her? Yug says how can you be silent by throwing a kid out? Ronak says don’t talk to mother like this, since Kahani left, you have changed. Yug says you didn’t change at all, a car was about to hit Rani so you might know who was in the car? Ronak says why are you telling me this? Anyone could be in the car. Yug says I will find out. Yug tells the family that if you question me then I will question back as well. You won’t like my questions. Dolly says food is ready. Saroj says just throw away the food. She asks Yug to give this girl food and when you are done then come to talk to me. Gunjan asks Yug to give Rani back to Kahani then we will talk. Dadi says I am not hungry anymore. They all leave. Patanga tells sorry to Yug and says I can’t give you food, I have to follow Saroj’s orders. He leaves. Rani asks Yug why did he bring her back? I will leave. You will be hungry because of me. Yug says don’t worry, you are hungry, right? He goes from there.

Kahani tells her story to the woman and says he says something else when he is drunk but changes his words when he is sober. The woman says my daughter did drugs and said she loves someone. I tried to tell her that guy was not good for her so my daughter jumped from the cliff and killed herself. That incident made me realize the truth, like my daughter said the truth in an inebriated state, the same way Yug told the truth to you. Kahani recalls Yug confessing his love to her.

Saroj sits with Ravi and says you are in a coma but Yug is blinded. He was my pride but my patience is breaking. I didn’t need to say anything to Yug but I am screaming these days and he doesn’t listen to me anymore. He has gone away from me. Yug comes there and says how could you be so cruel with a small girl? I am just doing what my mother taught me since childhood. I am hurting you a lot these days but I am your son and you can’t make me go away from you ever, he leaves from there. Dolly comes there and says a neighbor saw someone jumping from our roof. I think it was Kahani. Saroj is shocked to hear that.