Neema Denzongpa 12th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Nima, Mania and Nari are decorating the house for Sunita. Mania has a stomach ache so Nima says we will go to the doctor. Mania cries in pain.

Kanchan calls Mayank and asks what do you want? You are working in Shiv’s office now? Mayank says you did a mistake so you have to rectify it. Do you remember our old days right darling?

Sunita and Suresh come back home. All guests are waiting for her with gifts. Sunita says Suresh you called them all? Suresh says I didn’t. The guest says Nima called us all over brunch for your birthday. Sunita says Nima thinks about me a lot. Tulika watches all that and says I planned all this.

Nima and Mania are at the clinic. The doctor says Mania has acidity, we will do her blood tests. Suresh calls Nima and asks where is she? Nima says Mania was not feeling well so I brought her to the doctor. Suresh says I will come there. Nima says there is no need, you just take care of Sunita.

Paras is sitting with his family over dinner. Ranisa says Suman is still not eating much. Maaji says a lot of things are happening so I think you should go back so we can handle things. Paras is not getting married so you are not needed here. Ranisa says Paras is already married, will you bring her wife here or throw Paras out of the house? You don’t have an answer so I am here to make things right. I won’t leave easily. All look on. Maaji fumes in anger.

Sunita gets gifts from her guests. The guests ask where is Nima? We need to eat something. Suresh says I will bring something. He goes to the shop. Nima calls him and asks if he can transfer some money, she needs it for Mania’s blood tests. Suresh says I will transfer it.

Sunita and her guests are waiting for Suresh to come. Suresh comes there, Sunita asks where is food? They are all hungry. Suresh says I sent money for Mania, I will check if Nima has kept some money in the house. The guests say we are not beggars, we thought to have a good brunch. Sunita asks them to wait, Suresh will bring something. Suresh goes to check but doesn’t find money where Nima keeps it. The guests insult Sunita saying that her both daughter in-laws don’t care about her, they take their gifts away. Sunita feels hurt and cries. Tulika watches all that. Suresh says where did the money go? Nima and Mania come back home. Sunita glares at Nima and says I did a mistake by trusting some people. Tulika hears that and says now she will not spare Nima. Sunita tells Nima that I was insulted today but I won’t let it happen anymore. Suresh asks her to calm down. He asks Nima if she called her friends? Nima says no, I just wanted to surprise Ayi, why would I call her friends when we don’t have money. Nari asks Nima to tell who her friends are. Nima says I don’t know. Nari shows Nima’s phone to Sunita and says she doesn’t even have your friends’ number so it means someone else did it. Suresh says the money is gone too, who would do it? Sunita says I know who is behind it. She takes off the curtain from the wall and Tulika is standing on the other side, spying on them.

Mayank sits between Sia and Shiv. He says I got this seat so Sia can help me. Sia says I will help you. Shiv says you don’t need her help, I will help you. Sia recalls Kanchan’s words to stay away from Shiv. She tells Mayank that I will help you if you need it. Shiv looks on.

Sunita tells Tulika that you can’t fool me, I know you called my friends to insult me. Tulika says what are you talking about? I didn’t even remember it was your birthday today. Sunita says stop lying, I know how low you can stoop. You wanted me to hate Nima but I know you, you have stooped more low in my eyes. Sunita drags Tulika outside the house, she tells everyone that today is my 70th birthday. I am still healthy and I have my eyes opened today. She says this my Tulika, we were strong together because I thought she was my own. She says my friends are greedy, they used to meet me for food only. They didn’t even ask me how I am, they all just cared for food. You wanted to laugh at me but you people have small hearts so I would laugh at you. She cries, Tulika tries to talk to her but Nima asks her to shut up and takes Sunita from there.

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