Neema Denzongpa 13th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Suresh is hammering a plank on the broken wall so Tulika can’t steal from Nima’s house anymore. Nima asks him to calm down. Suresh says I won’t allow Tulika to harm you people anymore. Sunita says he is right, we have lived with her for years but she never made me happy. She can stoop low anytime she wants. Tulika hears all that and says I won’t spare this Nima, she took away Suresh and Sunita from me. I will insult Nima in a way that she can’t bear it.

Sia is leaving the office, Mayank thanks her for helping him. He asks if she will go on lunch with him as a friend? Shiv says you don’t need to. Mayank says you take her decisions? Sia says I take my decisions, I can’t come for the lunch today as it’s my Aaji’s birthday. She leaves. Mayank tells Shiv that why can’t you allow me to flirt with her? Shiv gets angry and says Sia is not that kind of a girl. Mayank says we will see.

Nima and her family celebrate birthday with Sunita. Sunita offers the cake to Nima first. Nima smiles and touches her feet. Sunita feeds cake to everyone and says you made me happy today, thank you. Tulika sees Varun crying hearing them, she asks him to stop crying. Nari applies cake to Sunita, she laughs and applies on her as well. Tulika is going upstairs in her house, she slips and her head hits on the ground. She sees it bleeding. Varun rushes to her.

Paras is trying to call Mania but she is not picking up. Babita comes there and says you can go and meet her. Paras says I can’t leave mummy. Babita says I am with her, just go and meet her. Paras says they will question you if I leave. Babita says I will handle it.

Mania is at the hospital with Nari. Nari gets a call and leaves. The doctor tells Mania that your report says you are pregnant. Mania is stunned and says are you sure? The doctor asks if she is married? Mania reluctantly nods. The doctor says you are pregnant so you need to get your tests done. Nari comes back and asks the doctor but Mania stops her. She takes the prescription and leaves from there with Nari. Tulika was in the hospital and heard all that.

Nari and Mania come back to society. Nari sees Paras there and says Mania you should be happy now. Mania rushes to Paras and hugs him, she cries so he asks what happened? Nima comes there and asks why are you crying? Nari says the doctor said she is fine. Suresh says she must be emotional after seeing Paras. Sunita tries to cheer her up. She asks Paras to bring her a gift next time, he says sure. They all go into the house. Nima asks Mania what happened? Mania says nothing, I am fine. Nima looks on.

Tulika comes to the society and gossips with the women about Nima’s daughter Mania, she says Mania is pregnant. All are shocked to hear that. Tulika says don’t tell anyone that I informed you all. Tulika tells Varun that they will spread this news in society then Nima will be insulted.

Nima asks Paras how is Suman now? He says she is getting better now. Paras says I should leave now. Mania says I will see him off. Sunita says go, spend time with him.

Mania tells Paras about the pregnancy. She says your family doesn’t even accept me so how will they accept our baby? Paras says it’s good news, don’t be sad. I am with you so trust me. Mania says everything is happening fast, I can’t hide this from my family. Paras says you don’t need to, I will handle everything. Just take care of yourself and our baby. Mania says I can’t be without you anymore. Paras says you don’t need to.

Somen women start congratulating Nima in society. She is confused. Suresh tells Nima that Paras is a good partner for Mania. Nima says they really like each other. Tulika is watching them and asks Varun to go there. Varun talks to a woman, the woman says Varun is going to be an uncle, everyone knows that Mania is pregnant. Nima asks her to shut up. The woman says everyone knows it. Tulika comes there and says what? Mania is pregnant? Nima says that’s a lie. Sunita comes there and asks what happened. Tulika says you are going to be a grandmother. Suresh asks her to shut up. The woman says we got the news about Mania. Suresh asks from whom? The woman says Tulika told us. Suresh glares at Tulika. Nima gets angry on her.

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