Neema Denzongpa 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Suman comes to Mania outside the house and does her aarti as her daughter-in-law. Mania looks on. All family members come to welcome her. Mania is about to enter the house but Ranisa stops her. Maaji asks them to wait, Paras has brought his wife for the first time so we will gift her something. She offers expensive jewelry set to her. Dinesh whispers to Suman what is she doing? Nima is bringing sweets there. Suresh is with her also. Maaji keeps making her wear the jewelry. Paras asks her to stop her. Maaji says I thought she would want more. Mania cries. Maaji asks Mania what was her reason for marrying Paras except for money? She asks Mania what’s her value? I will give you the money you want. Suresh and Nima come there to see Mania standing with Paras. Nima is stunned. Maaji asks Mania what would she take to leave Paras? Paras asks Ranisa to stop her. Maaji says this is my matter, Paras asks Maaji to stop insulting Mania, you people have cheap thinking. He holds Mania’s hand and says we are one, we are married so accept us as one or forget me. Mania says I didn’t want to hurt anyone, everything happened suddenly. Dinesh says shut up, I know you are not innocent, you lured our son with your modeling. You gave the gold bracelet back to Paras because you wanted to do something bigger. Paras says stop it. Maaji says throw this trash girl away and enter our house then. Suresh tries to go to Mania but Nima stops him, she says I don’t know what is going on. I didn’t even know Paras and Mania knew each other. How could she take such a step? We can’t go there right now as it will create more difficulties for Mania. I will talk to her and Suman later on. Maaji tells Paras that you can come back in the house if you leave this girl or you can leave this house with her. Then forget your lavish life here. Paras looks on. Ranisa laughs. Maaji says this girl wouldn’t want you to become poor because she is after your money. Paras leaves Mania’s hand. All look on. Paras enters the house alone, he prays to Lord.

Nari is calling Mania but she is not picking up. Sunita is calling her friend and says these girls stay out of the house till late. Nari asks her to stop badmouthing them. Sunita asks her to leave her alone.

Paras touches Maaji’s feet, she says you took the right decision. Paras takes his family’s blessings. Dinesh says I knew he wouldn’t break my trust. Paras touches Suman’s feet. He hugs Babita. Mania is hurt thinking he left her. He starts leaving the place but Paras stops her. He holds her hand and tells Maaji that I came here for your love and acceptance and not money. I am listening to my heart for the first time. He starts leaving with Mania. Suman stops him and says where will you go? She asks Mania to stop him. Mania says I am sorry, she takes off all the jewelry and gives it to Suman. Suman recalls how she had saved Nima’s daughters years ago. Mania gives her bangles back too. Paras and Mania leave. Nima cries seeing that. Ranisa tells Maaji that your plan failed. Maaji fumes in anger.

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