Pandya Store 16th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Rishita saying I will not forgive anyone, there is no documentation that this is my baby, Raavi isn’t taking a video, what will I show my baby. Dhara asks her to calm down. Rishita gets angry. Raavi goes live and tells about Rishita’s delivery. She asks Rishita to say hi. Rishita gets angry. She calls Dev a dog. Suman gets angry. Raavi says she is saying I love you. Suman asks Rishita not to worry, everything will be fine. Dhara says I will go and try to get the doctor. Rishita says no, stay with me. Raavi goes live and asks the people to come and help her, Rishita is in much pain, doctor isn’t able to come because of the auto strike. Rishita asks for icecream. Raavi goes and gets the icecream. Dhara asks Rishita to have it.

Inspector takes the Pandyas men in the van. Dev says sorry, my wife is going to deliver a baby, please let us go. Gautam and Shiva say we went there to solve the fight. Inspector says you talk at the police station. He scolds them. Dhara and Raavi also have the icecream. Rishita gets irritated. She says I can’t handle this now. Suman asks her to just push. Raavi says we got a doctor. Dhara says doctor will come. Raavi talks to the doctor and asks her to guide her, when is she coming. Doctor says I m coming, ask her to push. Raavi says we are asking her to push. Doctor comes home. The light goes. Suman asks didn’t you pay the bill. Raavi says I did. Rishita shouts I hate you doctor. Doctor checks her. Everyone holds the cell phone flashlights. Doctor helps Rishita deliver the baby.

The baby starts crying. Dhara, Raavi and Suman smile happily. Dev and everyone hear the baby cry sound while passing by the car. Dev says my baby. Gautam says yes, congrats. Dev asks inspector to please let him go. He apologizes. He says if Rishita knows I m in jail, then she will divorce me, please for your wife’s sake, let me go.

Suman takes the baby in arms and cries. Dhara hugs her. Shubh din aayo…plays… Suman thanks the doctor. She congratulates everyone and says it’s a baby girl. She gives the baby to Rishita. Dhara asks Raavi to give the news to the Pandya men and ask Krish to get the dhol. Raavi goes out and looks for them. She calls out Shiva, Krish… Pandya men are at the police station. Dev asks shall I make a phone call, please, I want to find out, if it’s a baby boy or girl. Inspector doesn’t say. Shiva gets Raavi’s call. He says ladies are alone at home, I will tell them that we are here, please. Inspector thinks to teach them a lesson so that they don’t repeat it.

Inspector takes the call. Raavi says this is my husband’s phone. Inspector says yes, your husband is at the police station, he was doing a drama in the middle of the road, he will get jailed now. Dev asks about the baby. Inspector disconnects. Gautam says what will mum do knowing this. Shiva says she might have known it by now. Doctor gives the prescription. Rishita says she looks like me, right. Dhara says yes. Suman says she looks like little Suman. Dhara says I will go and see them. Raavi says no need to go anywhere. Dhara says tell me where are they. Raavi says they are in the jail. Suman, Dhara and Rishita get shocked.

Shweta’s mum comes home and asks for Chiku. She brings Shweta there. Dhara refuses to give Chiku.

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