Pandya Store 17th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Anita seeing Dhara coming. She says why is Dhara coming from that side, she spoiled my plan, this time I will spill the oil on both the staircase. Gautam says I found a room for Prafulla, we will ask Krish to shift her. Suman asks Raavi is she feeling bad. She says your perception is right, Prafulla raised you, she is your family, if she stays here, then she will spread the poison, I was scolding Gautam and Dhara at the temple, I made Prafulla leave, but she got hidden and sent a video, I can do anything, don’t know whom she wanted to send that video. Prafulla and Anita come. Prafulla asks Anita to make tea. Suman asks Prafulla to stay outside the haveli. Anita thinks I will not need to go then. She says I had made a lep for your knee pain, I thought to apply it every day. Suman says you can stay here. She asks Prafulla not to stay in a daughter’s Sasural. Suman defends her bahus. Dhara smiles. Prafulla and Suman argue.

Prafulla defends a daughter, bahu can never become a daughter. Dhara says we all are Suman’s daughters. Prafulla says don’t feel bad, you never had your own mother with you, she left you and ran away, how would you know a mother-daughter relation. Dhara says yes, my mum had run away, but I got much love from Suman, maybe I would have not got such love from my own mum, mum and child’s relation is like Yashoda and Kanha’s relation, you didn’t give birth to Raavi and Anita, but you call them your daughters with pride. Krish says I will show you the place. Raavi asks did you make that video, don’t make it tough for me to find happiness. Anita goes to spill the oil. Dhara goes upstairs. Anita says go Dhara, none can save you today, you will fall in my feet, then I will do your aid, I will snatch Gautam from you. She spills more oil on the floor.

Shiva says if Dhara asked me, I would have got stuck. Raavi and Dhara go downstairs. Raavi slips by the oil and falls down. Dhara shouts Raavi. Suman says why did Dhara shout now. Her wheelchair also slips in the oil. Shiva comes and holds Raavi. Rishita and Krish come and hold Suman. Suman sees the oil on the floor. Shiva sees the oil on the stairs. Anita comes running and thinks how did Raavi come here. She asks where was your focus, can’t you take care of yourself. Shiva says don’t shout, see the oil fallen here. Dhara asks are you fine Raavi, are you hurt, thank God Shiva saved you. Raavi leaves Shiva. Shiva also slips and holds Raavi’s hand. Dhara smiles. She sees the oil on the floor. She asks Anita how did oil come on your clothes.

Suman asks who spilled on the floor. Rishita says thank God, you are fine, Dhara makes pickles, she should be careful. Krish says you are in trouble again. Suman says I m thinking what to answer you, you said oil fell down because of Dhara, did you see her, tell me, I will ask her. Rishita says no, I didn’t see. Suman asks did you make pickles. Rishita says no, I just had it. Suman says just spices go in the pickles, oil isn’t added now, I m fine, you saved me. Rishita says no problem. Suman says you didn’t ask, who spilled the oil here. Anita says I sat here to take care of Raavi, maybe it got on my clothes. Dhara makes Shiva help Raavi. Shiva lifts Raavi and takes her. Suman asks did you do this to make me more handicapped. Rishita says no, why would I do this, I came with Krish and saved you. Suman says yes, you saved me, someone put the oil here to hurt me, just one person is such, Prafulla. Krish says Prafulla didn’t come here, I dropped her outside. Suman says then who did this.

Shiva brings Raavi to the room. She says you aren’t worried for me. Shiva cares for her. Raabta…plays… He goes. She says he didn’t fight with me. Anita looks for the oil container. She says I had thrown it here, where did it go. She gets the oil box. She runs. Shiva stops her and asks what are you doing here, what’s in this box. She worries.