Pandya Store 18th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shiva asking where is the saree, why will Dhara’s saree come here, you stay away from Dhara and miss her, go to her and sleep. Gautam says I had seen the saree. He doesn’t see it. Shiva asks where is the saree, you are really getting old, go. Gautam goes. Shiva asks Krish to get up. Krish says I was scared. Shiva says just hide on the terrace until everyone sleeps. He takes Krish.

Shiva sings in his room. Raavi shuts her ears. She asks him to stop it. He argues with her. He plays his fav song. She plays her fav song and dances. Kaisa jadoo…. plays… Shiva shuts his ears. He asks her to stop dancing, everyone will wake up. She says no. He asks did you go mad, stop it. She says this is my room also, I will play music and dance all night, do anything you want. Dhara hears the music. She tries to sleep. Shiva stops Raavi. Dhara asks Gautam to get up. He is sleeping. She says we have to do something. He says I have adjusted with this music, you also sleep. He says I can’t do anything, put cotton in your ears and sleep. They sleep. Shiva says I lost, you have won. Raavi looks at him. Shiva says I won’t play the sad song, you also don’t play loud music, we will sleep now. She asks what, you lost, its special night, we will make a note in phone. He makes an angry face. She says you have much failure in your fate. Anita serves khichdi to Suman and takes care of her. Prafulla says give some food to me also. Anita says yes. Suman likes the khichdi. Anita thanks her.

Suman does a drama. Anita takes care of her. Prafulla thinks Anita is a fool, she is trying to win Suman’s heart, what does Suman want to go. Rishita is sleeping. Krish calls her out. She wakes up. She says Dev, you don’t do this again to scare me, I will end your prank this time. Shiva scares her. Dev is on a call. He says I don’t want to do a job, I want to work with my brother at our shop. Rishita goes looking for Dev. She says you are funny, you are doing this drama to scare me. She sees Krish dancing. Raavi wakes up and doesn’t see Shiva. She hears the song mere dholna sun…… She says Shiva isn’t here. She goes to see. Dhara gets up and hears the song. She asks Gautam to get up. She shouts in his ears. He wakes up. She asks him to come and see. He says who is playing song at this time. They go to see. Dev hears the music. Rishita gets scared seeing Krish. Krish says who is Dev, I m Radha. Rishita screams and falls down. Dev hears Rishita’s scream. He runs to her.