Pandya Store 18th September 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Rishita shouting for Suman. Kanta and her bahu come to help. Suman gets to senses. They catch the thieves. Suman worries and goes to see Dhara. Principal says Krish can give the exam, its your responsibility that he focusses on exam. Raavi and Shiva assure him. Krish hugs Raavi. She says I will not help if you do this again. She goes. Krish says she was joking. Shiva says she is right, its tough to show everything is fine when a relation is broken. He goes. Krish prays that things get fine between them. Suman frees Dhara and asks are you fine. She wakes up Dhara. Dhara says I m fine.

Suman says Rishita stopped the thieves, I will not leave them. Raavi asks her friend not to talk to her. She says Krish took me to principal for the attendance problem, my mood is off, I will go home. Her friend Pooja asks her to stay back with them, did she go back to her illiterate husband. Raavi asks her to stop it, else she won’t talk to them. Shiva looks on and leaves. Raavi says I will go now. She leaves. Suman says you did wrong with us, you have to pay a price now, you play games with eyes, I will play a game with your eyes now. She throws some powder in their eyes. Shiva and Raavi hire the same auto and argue. They leave in the auto. Suman gets the ladies arrested. Krish and Raavi come home. Krish asks what’s happening. Suman tells everything. Rishita asks Dhara not to worry, the ladies will be going jail now, have the jewellery back. Raavi hugs Dhara and asks is everything fine. The lady says its good you shouted Rishita. Rishita thanks them for coming. The lady says you showed bravery, take care. Rishita gives medicines to Suman. Suman says you are a super woman, you saved us again. Rishita says I won’t do a job right now. Dhara asks why.

Rishita says I couldn’t submit documents today, I lost the job, I realized Dhara’s rest is most imp now, Raavi also has to go to college, I will not find a job until Dhara gets a baby. She smiles. Suman says wow. Anita says Dhara would have eaten the apples, she will give me Gautam herself, he will be just mine, then I will be the queen of Pandya house.

She dreams of Gautam and herself. Kaisa hai ishq….plays… Prafulla comes. Anita says I m dreaming of a golden future when Dhara gives Gautam to me. Prafulla asks are you mad.

Anita tells her plan. She says Dhara will give Gautam to me. Prafulla scolds her. Everyone dines at night. Gautam says Rishita won’t leave her job, this isn’t a solution, Suman and Dhara are our responsibility, we all will take care of them turn by turn. Raavi says I have online classes, Rishita can go for her job. Dhara asks them to go, she will manage the house. Suman says you don’t say this, you don’t know how to stay in pregnancy. Dhara says I mean, no one needs to take tension. Suman says Raavi and Rishita took the right decision, Rishita always frees us from the troubles. She thanks Rishita. Dev and Rishita smile. Suman says I forgive you that that day’s mistake. Rishita asks really, thanks, I love you. Krish asks which day’s mistake. Suman recalls. Gautam asks what mistake are you saying. Shiva asks what’s the matter, tell me. Suman says we opened a joint FD, I will break it if needed. Rishita thanks her and hugs. Suman says leave me, shall I tell everyone. Rishita says I left you. Anita wakes up. She says what if those women were fake, maybe their herb was really good, Gautam and Dhara may fight, how to find out if Dhara ate the fruits or not. She calls Suman. Raavi makes a glass fall. Suman calls her a cow. Dhara smiles. Raavi says sorry. Suman says don’t know how she get horns after marriage. Krish jokes. Suman asks Rishita to call the maid for help. Dhara says let it be, we will manage everything. Suman says shut up, I don’t want to get angry on you, sit aside, I will decide it now.