Pandya Store 19th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shiva saying you and Mami did this oil planning, right. Raavi says Anita spilled the oil? Rishita says I m sure that Anita is innocent. Suman asks Anita did she do this. Anita says no, Prafulla dropped the oil on the terrace by mistake. Prafulla worries by her lie. Suman says you did this intentionally. Prafulla asks why would I want to make you fall. Shiva scolds her. He says you dug the pit, Raavi fell in it, I regret why I saved her, Raavi’s bones should have got broken, then you would know other’s pain. Raavi says no, it would be better if I had died, at least I could have forgot the insults you did, if you have shame, why don’t I see any respect in your speech, you can insult Prafulla, but she is my mum, she can never do this, she said it happened by mistake, you hate me, you won’t see the difference between right and wrong. Shiva says don’t scold me, you are seeing me and Mami since childhood, don’t you know her.

Raavi says she would have done wrong, I never took her side, its not justice to blame her today. Suman stops Raavi. She says you are our bahu, don’t do barristry, Prafulla never kept respect of relations, do you want to follow her path. Anita says I m sorry from Prafulla’s side, I saw the box and got scared, I should have told you before, please forgive me. Suman says don’t cry, enough of this chapter. Dhara says come and have food. Prafulla and Anita leave. Prafulla asks what do you want to know, your one mistake can ruin Raavi’s life. Anita says I didn’t know it will hurt Raavi, I wanted Dhara to get hurt, I wanted to take her place and win that house, I took your name, really sorry. Raavi claps. She says Anita, you wanted to make everyone yours by hurting them, I learnt this for the first time. Anita says sorry, I just had you, I fell lonely, Prafulla is getting old men’ alliance for me, why am I living this life, I lost Dhara because of my mistake, I didn’t wish to hurt anyone, I wanted to hurt Dhara to take care of her and get her friendship back. Raavi scolds her.

Suman says Raavi is also our girl, its our responsibility to keep her happy, but Prafulla is such, don’t know she is saying truth or lie, go now. Dhara takes the box to put the curry. She sees the curry leaking. Suman says it means Prafulla was right, the oil was leaking from the box, take another tiffin. Raavi asks how can you do this. Anita says no. Raavi says you did much wrong, its good that I fell down, if anyone else fell, then I would have never forgiven you. Prafulla says stop it, its my mistake, let me go. Dhara calls her out. Anita says I really want to explain that it was a mistake. Dhara says its okay, Suman invited you for lunch, she has sent this tiffin for Prafulla. Prafulla says thank Suman from my side, I was much hungry. Raavi says no, Prafulla will make her food on her own. Dhara says Suman has sent this food for Prafulla, you can go and talk to her. Prafulla says yes, give me the tiffin, my anger has calmed down. She goes. Dhara asks Anita to come. Raavi says no, let Anita go with Prafulla. Anita says yes, Raavi is right, someone should be with Prafulla, tell Suman. She goes.

Raavi serves the food to Shiva. Rishita says we shall have food now. Raavi sits. Shiva holds her hand by mistake. He gets a call. Raavi thanks Dhara for giving food to Prafulla. Dhara says its okay, I have a light headache, Raavi get me the medicine. Raavi goes to her room and thinks medicine is in the drawer. Shiva is on call. Suman says its pagphere rasam tomorrow, is the preparations done. Dhara says yes. Suman says we will do garba. Krish says I will make songs list. Shiva asks where did Raavi go, I thought she went out. Krish says you are worried for her. Raavi looks for medicines. Shiva coughs and says I have a headache, I will go and get some fresh air. Gautam asks him to go. Rishita thinks I should follow Shiva and see. She drops the water on her hand. She says sorry, I will clean it and come. She goes to see. Raavi picks he papers. Shiva comes and takes it. He asks why did you touch my things. They argue. Rishita looks on.

Raavi asks did I touch your property papers, that you are arguing, go and get horns to put on your head. She goes out and sees Rishita. Rishita says I came to see you. Raavi says I won’t give you medicines. Prafulla sees the shagun, fruits and sweets. She asks why did you get this to insult me. Dhara says Mama isn’t here, you can get this home tomorrow. Prafulla says you think I can’t buy all this, I can buy it. Raavi looks on. Gautam says you know mum’s expectations, I don’t want Suman and you to argue. Anita says he is right, we are one family, he got this with love, don’t insult him by refusing. Dhara says its fine if you don’t like it, we will take it back. Prafulla says fine, I will keep it. Raavi says Jagat is right, Prafulla can never change, Dhara and Gautam understand relations so well, they think for everyone. Dhara says we will leave. Dhara and Gautam leave and see Raavi at the door. Dhara says you have to come here for pagphere. Raavi says I got medicines for you. Dhara likes her sweet gesture. She goes. Rishita asks Shiva what’s in that paper, I m keeping an eye on you, what are you hiding. He says I don’t understand. She says I will show real Shiva to them, you are secretly planning business. He says you are mistaken, I will go. She says remember, I m watching you. He goes and thinks to be cautious of her.