Pandya Store 19th October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Gautam and everyone signing. Rishita says don’t take tension about the loan, we should practice Ram leela, I took a leave for tomorrow. She gives the script to everyone. Shiva asks what’s all this. Suman takes the script from Raavi. Disha comes home to meet Suman. Shiva asks how did you come early. Disha says I wanted to tell Suman about my dad. He asks did he refuse for the alliance. She says no, I have to take him to the heart specialist, I can’t come for Ramleela. Raavi smiles and goes. Disha asks Shiva to tell Suman. Shiva says I will tell mum, you can ask us for any help. She goes.

Shiva goes to Raavi and asks her why is she so happy. He says I came to have water. He drinks water. He asks why are you so happy. He goes. She thinks why am I so happy when Disha isn’t participating in Ram leela. Rishita gets tea for Gautam. He asks did you add garlic in it. She says yes, plenty, have it. She says just kidding, have the tea. Gautam says its good. He asks Rishita to tell Dev about the ladies section. Rishita gives her inputs. Gautam says you are very intelligent, you said it right. He asks Dev to learn from her. Dev says you discuss the plan, I will prepare for Ram leela. Rishita says I have thought of contemporary designs.

Rishita and everyone get ready for the Ram leela. Rishita damages someone’s dress. Shiva comes and says I will get ready quickly and come. Rishita gives him that dress and sends him. She smiles. Krish asks why are you laughing, you think the costume won’t sit Shiva, we will find some other Bharat. Gautam asks him not to do anything wrong in Ram leela. Shiva says dhoti is torn. Dhara says I have no time. Krish laughs and jokes on Shiva. He says find any other Bharat. Shiva goes to beat him. Krish asks Dhara to save him. Rishita asks what happened to your dhoti. Shiva says its torn. Rishita says I don’t know stitching, how will we arrange another dhoti. Dhara says Gautam’s hair isn’t getting set. Rishita asks Raavi to help Shiva, Dhara got the sewing kit in her bag, take Shiva to the room. Raavi asks me? Rishita asks why, don’t you know stitching, are you scared to go with Shiva. Raavi asks why would I get scared. She goes with Shiva. Krish says wow, nice plan. Dhara and Rishita smile.

Raavi stitches the dhoti. Shiva looks at her. They have a moment. Lal ishq….plays… She says you get ready, I will go now. He thanks her. She smiles. She says you thanked me for the first time. She goes. He says I don’t know what to tell you. Gautam says you know that Somnath’s Ram leela is so famous, Suman has taken this responsibility. Shiva and Dev say we can’t do this. Gautam says we have to do this to fulfill this responsibility. Dhara says yes, we have to keep the respect of Ramayana. They all chant Ram and Sita’s names. Doctor checks Dhara’s reports. She worries. She says this should have not happened with Dhara, this is serious, I have to talk to Gautam right away. She calls Gautam. The man asks Gautam to put the phone on silent mode. Gautam thinks why did the doctor call. He answers. The call disconnects. Prafulla taunts Suman. They argue. Prafulla goes. Suman says Prafulla is responsible for my state. Prafulla asks what’s my role. The man says audience. She says I act well, give me some role. He says sorry, there is no role now. Prafulla says I will not let Suman get happy. Janardhan asks the men to take rotten tomatoes in the truck. He says we have to respect Pandya family. Kalyani asks is this necessary, Rishita will also be there. Gautam doesn’t get the network. He calls the doctor. The man asks Gautam to keep such expressions in the play. Gautam worries and thinks to talk to doctor once.