Pandya Store 20th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Shiva saying Rishita and I will bail you out from here. The man calls the police station and informs about Dhara and the baby. Dhara is at home, singing a lullaby for the baby. She feeds the baby and hugs. Prafulla comes to meet Kamini. Kamini insults her and asks guards to make her out. Prafulla says come with me, Anita told me everything, I will tell the police that you have hidden Raavi. Kamini raises hand. Prafulla scolds her. Kamini says Anita will also get arrested with me. Prafulla says I have made a plan to save her, none can harm her, you stop these cheap games, think of something big against Pandyas, you have to move the root, that clever woman Suman.

Suman begs the inspector to leave Shiva. Rishita says you are so insensitive, you are not listening, you have to leave Shiva. He asks them to leave. Suman says I m not scared of you and your jail, I will get my children out. He asks her to go and get proof of her son’s innocence. Rishita says we will go. Prafulla asks are you shocked. She says you will support me in finding Raavi, then we will get Raavi and Shiva divorced, then ruin the Pandyas. Suman says I swear, Anita will come and get Shiva freed. Prafulla asks Kamini to join her. Kamini thinks I have to do something. They join hands to ruin Pandyas. Prafulla says Shiva is in jail, Dhara is missing, we will try that Dhara never returns to them. Suman says Prafulla and Kamini are harming us, Anita did this because of Kamini, they killed Dhara’s baby and got Shiva arrested. Rishita says enough, you are always after my family, they aren’t involved. Suman says you are also defending your Bua, you can never become of our family. Rishita asks how many times shall I prove my love, tell me, show me that I matter to you. Suman says I have to save my son now, be silent, I will see Anita. She goes.

Gautam comes home. Kaka asks did you see the news, Dhara is coming on tv. Dhara says Papa has come. She goes to show the baby to Gautam. Gautam says yes, I spoke to Rishita, she has run that news. Kaka says no, police is running a video, Dhara has taken a baby from the hospital, police is finding her. Dhara worries. She says why does everyone want to separate me and Tara, we will go away from here, but where, how will I manage. She thinks to handle things. Suman looks for Anita. Anita worries and starts acting mad. Suman scolds her. She frees Anita and says come with me, take the complaint back, free my son. Anita asks which complaint. Suman slaps her. Anita gets angry and says I will not take the complaint back. Suman asks do you remember everything. Anita says yes, I will not go, when Raavi did not go, he is mad, he has cut my hair, Raavi did something good for the first time. Suman scolds her. Anita says law wants proof, do you have it. Rishita comes there in disguise of an inspector. She stops Anita.

Suman asks Anita to sign. Anita signs the papers Shiva gets freed. Anita says forgive me, let me go. Suman says I will punish her. She slaps Anita.

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