Pandya Store 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Shiva hiding his face from Dhara. She passes by and stops. She leaves. He thinks I will go away, but see my Raavi once. He goes to the shop. Gautam sees Raavi looking at the family pic. He holds her. Rishita asks Raavi not to get sad. Gautam asks Raavi to sit at the counter with rights. Suman says go and sit, you also become Patrani/queen. Shiva looks on. Raavi says this shop is like a mum for Shiva, and the person who sits there is like Shiv, how can I hurt his devotion by sitting there, Shiva made you sit there, today I will make you sit there. Suman and everyone smile. Yaadon ki baraat…. Plays… Shiva looks on and cries. Raavi makes Gautam sit at the counter. Gautam recalls Shiva. Shiva says I wish to come there and hug everyone, but I can’t come until I arrange the compensation amount, I m good away from you, you all take care.

She sees Prafulla shouting. He gets tensed and covers his face. Prafulla says I will call the police, police will take you, your family will get jailed. He says listen to me. She suffocates his neck. He sees a drunkard in her place. The man says you are alive, our Shiva is alive. Shiva says shut up, I m not Shiva, I m Ram. The man says no, you are Shiva, maybe you lost your memory. Shiva tricks him and leaves. The man says Shiva was here or his ghost. Shiva says I have to disappear, but where shall I hide, I will go to Prafulla’s house. Gautam asks why is Janardhan shutting the shop. Dev says there is no sales, Rishita and I left the shop, why are you upset. Gautam says I wish it could have become like old shop, our shop was small but we had a big heart, today, we are together but my…. Dev hugs him. Suman says Shiva is in us. Dhara comes and asks for money to buy milk and vegs. The drunkard man comes to the shop. He says Shiva is alive. They all get shocked.

He says I have seen him alive. Dev asks what. The man says its not nonsense, I m saying the truth, I have seen Shiva. Prafulla says how did he come back, did he become a ghost, no. Suman asks where did you see him. Raavi runs out and shouts Shiva. The man says I had seen him near the tempo. Krish runs to see. Gautam asks where is he. Krish asks why didn’t he come in. The man says I don’t know, maybe I have seen his ghost, he will come. Raavi says he isn’t lying, we will find Shiva. Dhara says Shiva is with us, calm down. The man says he is alive, he will come.

Suman asks is Shiva alive. Gautam says we can’t believe this drunkard. Shiva comes home. Dhara comes home and cries. She says where did you go, Shiva. Shiva packs his clothes. She hears the sound and goes to see. He hears someone coming and hides inside the cupboard. Dhara says I felt like Shiva is here. She sees the cupboard open. She says rats can enter the cupboard, Raavi leaves it open. She locks the cupboard. Shiva worries. He says how shall I go out of here.

Police comes home to verify Shiva’s death. Inspector says we got a news that Shiva is alive, if you all lied to us, then be ready to go to the jail. Raavi says I can feel Shiva, he is alive.

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