Pandya Store 25th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Gautam praying at the temple for his store. He comes to his locality. He wishes everyone on Makar Sankranti. He sees his Pandya store and smiles. He recalls his dad’s words. He does the tilak. His brother comes running. He falls down and drops the flowers also. Gautam asks him to stop crying. He pacifies his brother. He says mum and dad used to make Swastik together, now we will take it together, everything will be auspicious now. Other two brothers also come and join Gautam. They apply their hand prints. Kaka says you are become brides to leave hand prints. Gautam says bride is Pandya store for us. Kaka says yes, store is like Maa and Annapurna also. He says your parents used to do puja every year, now you all have to do this. They enter the store. They see their dad’s pic and pray. Gautam sees his brothers fighting and stops them. He applies til uptan to their hands. He gives them aarti. His brothers leave for flying kites. Kaka asks Gautam to take Krish there and enjoy, he will see the shop.

A girl Dhara is seen running to get the kite. A lady taunts the girl about her mum. Dhara goes and helps an old lady in her business. The lady sells the sarees when Dhara puts them on display. The lady blesses Dhara. Dhara goes. The lady Prafula buys sunglasses by bargaining. Shiva takes the glasses from her and teases her. Prafula curses him and then does a drama. Gautam holds Shiva. He asks where is Dev. Shiva says he is with Hardik. Dev does publicity about Pandya store. The men discuss about Pandya store. Gautam and his brothers fly kites. People come to congratulate Gautam about his marriage. Gautam asks whose marriage. The man says your marriage invite has reached the Lord, look there. Everyone sees the kite flying high. They see Gautam weds Anita…. Gautam asks who has done this. Hardik asks why didn’t you tell this to me. Gautam says there is no such marriage talks. They go to see who is flying the kite.

Prafula is flying the kite. Dhara also flies a kite. She sees Gautam’s marriage invite kite and says I will make sure that no one breaks this kite string. The kites thread get tangles. Shiva sees Prafula flying the kite and goes to see. Prafula asks a man to fly the kite. She hides. Shiva says that woman gave you that kite, right, get the kite down. The kite gets cut. Dhara also runs to get the kite.

Dhara and Anita run and get the kite. They smile. Anita hugs the kite. Gautam comes and asks what did you do, why did you fly such a kite. Anita says no, I thought you did this. Shiva comes and says Prafula did this. Anita says you say anything, she didn’t come in the fair. She says you had to give the news to everyone, right. She says I liked this gesture, I m not upset, I m very happy. Gautam says relations aren’t so light to fly in the sky, whoever did this, its wrong. A man shows a chocolate to Krish to call him. Anita says at least I m not hiding about our relation. Gautam asks her to listen. Krish goes to the man and takes the chocolate. The man asks him to come and see the balloon shooting. Dhara doesn’t see Krish. She sees a man taking Krish. She asks where are you taking him. Gautam asks are you upset with me. She says you scolded me, its my mistake to always think about you, I always pray that we stay together. He says you know last 6 months changed my world, sorry, forgive me, I was worried.

She kisses Gautam and goes saying I liked the marriage invite, I m not upset. He says but I didn’t do it. Dhara goes and saves Krish from the man. The man says I was just showing the balloon shooting to him. Dhara scolds the man. She calls Kamal and says Krish is Gautam’s brother, this man was kidnapping him. She says I keep an eye on everything. Anita dreams of Gautam. She imagines Gautam and her at Pandya store. Prafula stops her and asks why did you get late. Anita says I had to give time to Gautam, you are making my dream come true, thanks. Prafula says you remember what you have to do after going to Sasural. Anita says serving everyone, I will send that old lady to old age home first. Prafula says this won’t work, keep some innocence, then Gautam will believe that she thinks right about him. Anita says I will put the kids in a hostel. She says I want to get Pandya store.