Pandya Store 25th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Dhara saying this is my Tara. Door bell rings. Dhara asks Rishita to go and lie to the police. She says they will take my Tara from me, they will snatch her, just go. Rishita goes. Suman cries. She signs Shiva and tells something. Rishita opens the door. She sees Dev, Gautam and Krish. She says you got to remember me now. Dev says my phone fell into water, we were finding Dhara. She says Shiva already got her. He asks what. Gautam asks what, did Shiva get her. She says yes. She asks them to come in and see. They rush. Gautam hugs Dhara. She says everyone wants to separate me and Tara, I won’t let her go away, I won’t go anywhere. He says don’t get scared of me, is this not my daughter, don’t I have a right to love her.

She says don’t lie. Suman and everyone discuss about the baby. She says think of the baby’s real mum, her sorrow, Krish go and get the baby’s parents number from the poster. Gautam takes the baby and says my baby, her eyes are so lovely, smile went on you. Krish goes to get the number. He prays. Gautam hugs Dhara. She asks him to see his Tara. They get emotional. Dhara says we have waited for this day for long. He asks why are you scared, this baby is of the entire family. He asks her to come. Suman says thank God, Dhara and baby came home safely. Dev says don’t worry, we will find Raavi. Shiva says I want to ask her why she cheated me. The lady asks Raavi to drink the medicine. Raavi sleeps. The lady leaves. Raavi coughs and spits the medicine. She calls Shiva. Rishita says I think Raavi is in some problem. Shiva says Raavi is missing, Dhara is in this state, how shall we handle this. Dhara comes and asks what. Krish comes and says I handled everything. Dhara asks what are they talking about. Gautam says baby, everyone has to handle Tara. Rishita hugs Dhara. She sings Yaadon ki baraat….

Prafulla comes there. She hears them singing. She says Raavi is missing and they are celebrating here. She gets angry and says I will change this happy song into sad Ghazal, I have to find Raavi first then get her divorced with Shiva. She goes. Everyone sings and hugs Dhara. Dhara thanks God. Suman asks Krish to go and call the baby’s parents again. Krish goes. Dhara is happy. She says I got my daughter. Suman hugs her. The baby’s parents come with Krish. Dhara gets shocked. She snatches the baby from Suman and runs. She asks them not to come ahead. She says she is my Tara. Everyone worries.
Shiva rings the bell. Raavi runs from the goons. She gets caught. Prafulla shows the video to the judge and says Raavi can’t stay with him. Judge says we will process this divorce soon.

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