Pandya Store 31st July 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Raavi shouting Rishita, be careful. She runs and pulls back Rishita. Rishita sees the current in the water. The power gets off. Raavi says you left the basin tap open, what if you got electrocuted now, both the daal and curry got burnt, how much work will I do alone. Rishita says stop it, you aren’t my mum to scold me, I don’t know anything. Raavi asks why did you ask Dhara to go, you will handle everything, you messed up the kitchen to just make tea. Dev, Shiva and Krish come. They get shocked. Dev asks what did you do, why did lights go. Raavi says Rishita did this, short circuit happened, so lights got off. Shiva says nothing can happen here without Dhara. Raavi says its Dhara’s video call, be quit. She answers. Dhara asks did you cook food. Raavi says yes, Rishita helped me. Rishita says chill now.

Dhara says some guests are coming at Hardik’s house, I will come late. Raavi says good. Dhara asks them to do other tasks. Raavi nods. Rishita thinks one more work order. Raavi says we will talk later. She ends call. Suman asks did you make the food, or shall I make it. Dev asks Raavi to handle mum. Shiva goes to call the electrician. Hardik feeds Dhara by his hands. Dhara says I had enough, I should go home now, your guests didn’t come. He thinks what to do to stop her. He says they will come, sit, have one Rasgulla. Dhara says its enough. He drops the bowl and says sorry, you go, I will clean everything. She says let it be, I will clean it. He says wait, we just had food, I can’t bend down, we will clean it together.

Shiva says fuse is fine, one phase is on. He collides with Raavi. The bowl falls down. Raavi argues. Shiva picks the pomegranate. Raavi says it got spoiled, how will Suman eat this. He says after washing. She also picks it. She thanks him. He says I have helped you to not call Dhara home soon. Shiva, Krish and Dev do decorations in the new room. Dhara cleans the floor. Hardik drops the water also. Gautam is at the shop. He asks Kaka what happened. Kaka says Shiva and Dev spoiled my habit. Gautam says it happens. Shiva and Krish put up Dhara and Gautam’s pic on the wall. Krish kisses the pic. They put the family pics on the wall. They decorate the room beautifully. Gautam calls Krish and asks how is your stomach ache.

Krish asks what happened to us. Gautam says you had stomach ache. Krish says our stomach is upset. Gautam says I will come and beat you if you all made an excuse to avoid work. Shiva says come home soon Gautam. Gautam says fine, get your stomach pain treated. Krish says don’t question much. Gautam says you all have to come at the shop from tomorrow, be it any pain. They say yes.

Raavi and Rishita see Dhara coming. Raavi asks what shall we do. Gautam comes and asks did you meet Hardik. Dhara says yes, why are the lights off, these decorations. Raavi and Rishita shout surprise. Suman comes with aarti. She does their tilak and aarti. Gautam asks what’s all this. Suman says I couldn’t welcome bahu 10 years back, I thought to do it, you both will restart your life in your new room from today. They smile. Dhara says your blessings…. Suman signs Raavi. Raavi gets the kalash and aalta vessel. She says I will make Dhara ready myself. Dhara asks where are my three monkeys. Rishita says they have stomach ache. Gautam says they have an upset stomach. Raavi lies. He says it means they are really ill, we will go and see them. Raavi says they went to the doctor, Dhara come with me, Rishita, you take Gautam. Suman says come inside now. Dhara says they did my grahpravesh 10 years back. She recalls. Dhara’s grahpravesh happens. Lights come. Dhara smiles. Suman and everyone clap. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Raavi takes Dhara and makes her decked up. She compliments Dhara. Dhara says you are decking me up like I m a newly wedded bride. Raavi says yes, you will get that feel seeing the new room, make me Raavi Chachi soon, I also want promotion. Dhara asks where is Rishita, I don’t like that we aren’t able to make bathroom for her, we will use the new room’s bathroom, it will be only for ladies. Raavi asks her to just enjoy her day. She takes selfies. She says Gautam will go mad seeing you. Dev, Shiva and Krish are sleeping in the new room.