Pandya Store 4th May 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Dhara and Raavi marinating the veggies. Dev asks Rishita to marinate the veggies, go and help. Rishita says no, I got manicure today, don’t give ideas to spoil it, let Dhara and Raavi do that. Gautam says Rishita will set bonfire with me. Shiva comes. Everyone smiles seeing him. Raavi looks on. Dhara smiles and takes Shiva to Raavi. She says my Shiva looks so handsome today, but bit incomplete. She makes him stand with Raavi.

Dhara says don’t put garlic, Shiva doesn’t like it. Raavi says taste won’t come. Shiva says put the garlic, I can tolerate that if I can tolerate you. He goes in anger. Dhara jokes on his anger. Dev says he has much fire, the entire haveli will get burnt. Shiva asks him to come and fight. Gautam and Dhara stop them. Krish comes and plays a song. Aaj ki party…plays… Krish dances and asks them to dance. Gautam asks Dev to break the stick and put it in the fire. Dev does so. Gautam asks Raavi to break the sticks together. Raavi tries and asks how will the sticks break, its tied up together. He says fine, give it to Rishita. Rishita tries. Dev says single stick will break easily, its a bunch, its impossible to break it. Gautam says yes, it implies to life also, everything will shatter if we stay alone, if we stay together, then the world will bow down to us, Rishita its our strength to stay together.

Rishita says you are telling this to me because I had food with Dev alone, don’t you care for my feelings, what wrong did I do. Gautam says nothing, you have all the right on Dev, every girl has dreams, I didn’t feel bad, but think we are many members, if everyone makes food and dines alone, then how will the family stay together, its about the feeling of unity. Dhara nods. Gautam says we don’t just eat food, we share our life’s day with each other, we think of other’s happiness in a joint family, its responsibility of everyone in the family, Rishita we are trying to understand you, you also try to understand everyone, walk with everyone, sit with everyone, its good to get love from family, we don’t need to find happiness, you could marry Dev, not because that Janardhan got scared, or we bowed down to your love, your marriage happened because Raavi stepped back and Shiva stepped ahead, they got together, only then you and Dev could come together, if they turned selfish, then I would have not told this to you today. Rishita thinks. Krish says Gautam made Rishita speechless today.

Shiva takes the grill stick. Raavi stops her. He doesn’t listen and eats it. They argue. Rishita laughs and says sorry. Dhara says you look good when you laugh, keep laughing. Gautam asks Shiva to come. Shiva says Raavi is arguing, she also needs a lesson. Krish jokes on Gautam. Gautam asks Shiva to go and get sticks. Shiva goes. Gautam pulls Krish’s ears. Krish says I was joking, we are old, you are just a kid, come we will dance. Chali chali…plays…. Everyone dances. Dhara smiles. Gautam talks to Kaka and says everything is fine, how is shop running.

Kaka says shop is running well, don’t worry, I m here. Gautam says I was tensed about Janardhan, I think he got senses now, did you get the things I ordered. Kaka says yes. Gautam ends call. Dhara hugs him and says Rishita didn’t answer you back, I think she realized her doing. Gautam says I would have not felt bad if she answered, she is immature girl, she is angry, if she didn’t come on time, then we would have got Dev married to Raavi, she thinks its our mistake, she needs our love and faith. She says yes, love heals any wound, I will love all my kids. He says its in our hands, they are still immature, its our responsibility to handle them, Suman has hope from us. Dhara says yes, we will keep our responsibility, we will never let them get separated. He says your upbringing is such, else Shiva would have not married Raavi, Dev would have left the house on Rishita’s saying, we have to try and make them face problems strongly, we have to prepare them for the life’s test. They hug.

Krish asks shall we cancel the plan. Shiva says no, plan will be set, I had mixed thandai in drink, then Rishita will get scared, we will scare her. Krish asks is this necessary. Shiva says she will value family once we do this. Krish nods.