Pandya Store 5th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Shiva asking Dev to stop Rishita. Rishita argues with him. She says I won’t get quiet if I m not wrong. Suman calls Krish and Suman. She asks is this girl saying the truth. They bow down. She says it means its true. Krish says Rishita used to stay away from us, she insulted Dhara a lot, she argued with Gautam also, she blamed Dhara many times, Shiva and I got angry, we thought to scare her, maybe she becomes a part of family by fear and stay with the family, it was imp to tell her that Dhara is an imp part of our family, so we did all this.

Suman slaps Shiva and Krish. She scolds them. She asks what if anything happened to Rishita. Shiva says Dhara has a right to punish us. Krish says she just loved us, its fine if she has beaten us. Suman asks them to remove the kurtas. Shiva says you can beat us a lot, don’t tell anything to them, she just wanted to teach us a lesson. Krish shows the scars on his back. Suman cries seeing the scars on Shiva and Krish’s back. She hugs them and consoles.

Gautam says I know you are doing this for our children’s rights, you didn’t think how will I live if anything happens to you. Dev says Dhara just divided the kitchen but she cooks for all of us, I eat the food made by her. He recalls eating the food and hiding from Dhara. She realizes he is eating the food. She makes an excuse and asks him to have water. She goes. Dev eats the food again. Dhara sees him and cries. FB ends. Dev says she didn’t eat food until she knew that we had food, you can beat us, its not Dhara’s mistake. Rishita says enough now, I m getting a headache now, she had food or not, I just know that I m not so bad. She says Maa, I m not bad, I didn’t do anything wrong. She goes. Dhara apologizes. Gautam hugs her. The temple bells ring.

Suman says we shouldn’t miss the puja, you go there, I will come. She asks Anita to go with the children. She asks Krish to take her to the temple. She says I m the head of this family, I don’t need to remind this to anyone. Dhara says I feel restless. Prafulla says don’t worry, don’t feel bad. Dhara argues with her. She defends her family. They sit in the puja. Dhara says I want to tell everything to mum before puja. Gautam says I m worried, mum will not forgive you this time. Dhara says we will keep the prasad when my two Devranis come. Pandit says fine. Suman asks Krish to go, I know what to do with Dhara. She asks Krish to get everyone. Krish goes. Suman comes there and stops Dhara. They get shocked.