Pandya Store 5th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kinners coming home and dancing. They give good news of Dhara to Suman and others. Kanta gets happy and blesses Dhara. She asks Dhara to have sweets. She says I will meet Suman and come. She asks why didn’t you tell this to me, everyone knows about the good news, Prafulla said Dhara visited the doctor. Suman gets angry. She says she didn’t tell me anything, she should have told this to me. Dhara worries. The kinners bless her. Dhara sees the kids dancing. Gautam comes home. The kinners congratulate Gautam for becoming a father. Dhara signs no. Gautam says you all go now, you will get what you want, but later. The kinners leave. Dhara goes to Suman. She says you think I can hide such a big thing, they are mistaken, it was nothing such, I had some problem and went to doctor, they misunderstood. Suman asks really, I will forgive you, I will make you out of this house before you get Gautam’s kids, go and make dinner now, make tasty food. Dhara goes.

Suman is relieved. Gautam comes to ask Dhara why did she go to the hospital. She says yes, I went there. He asks why, are you fine. She says yes, I went to get these medicines for myself. He gets shocked and asks contraceptive pills, don’t you want kids. She says every woman wants kids, but I already have kids, so I don’t want any baby now. She shows the kids. She says they are my kids. She says we have responsibilities to fulfill well, we can’t get more responsibilities, once they grow up, then we will have time to think about ourselves. Gautam hugs her.

He says you think so much, how would I manage everything without you, if you didn’t come in my life, then I would have shattered. She says how would I let you shatter, you are not different from me, I didn’t shatter till now when the world is trying, I will take half of your happiness and problems, I m your wife. He smiles and kisses her. She says I will make dinner now. Shiva takes her. They all dance. Kids hug her. Gautam smiles and hugs them.

After ten years, Dhara is seen dancing with the kids, who have grown up now. Gautam looks on and smiles. Yaadon ki baraat….plays…. Gautam and Dhara dance on getting their Pandya store back. They hug the brothers. Gautam says its ten years, we fought for ten years and did hardwork, we have done it, Pandya store is ours. They do the puja and open the store. They smile.

Its morning, Dhara makes breakfast. She goes to wake up Dev, Krish and Shiva. She throws a bucket of water on them. Shiva says thanks, I took a bath for today. She says its called washing face, you have to take bath today. He says yes, its special, Pandya store is ours today, we have to go in Kanta’s function tomorrow, its no use to bath today, I will take a bath tomorrow. She says go and take a bath. He says I will go to shop and come at night. She asks him to take a bath. She scolds him. She wakes up Krish. He says don’t put water on me, I have to go in Chetan’s birthday party, handle Gautam, love you. She goes to Dev and sees his phone ringing. She asks who is R. Dev wakes up and takes the phone. She says I made something good for you. He says I got an imp call. He goes.