Pandya Store 6th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Prafulla asking Dhara is her revenge not completed by now. Jagat says we made a mistake and Anita’s life got ruined, same way Raavi’s life is ruined, we have no way than to die. Dhara says forgive me, don’t say this, give me one chance. Jagat asks what will happen, Raavi’s fate won’t change, I can see Raavi’s future. Dhara says give me one chance, please. Raavi asks what will you do by taking a chance, if Dev marries me today, even then I won’t marry him, he doesn’t love me, but I love him, I can’t force him. Dhara asks Gautam to stop them. Gautam requests Jagat to wait for some time. Prafulla signs no. Jagat says listen Prafulla, look at Raavi. They stay back. Dhara says I can just see one way now. Suman gets treated by doctor. She gets angry and asks Dhara to go away. She makes doctor leave.

Gautam asks what’s Dhara’s mistake that you are scolding her, its just Dev’s mistake, Dhara was mistaken that Dev loves Raavi, but Dev could have told her everything, he loves Rishita since 2 years. Dhara says enough. Gautam says let me say, Dev used to share little things, he is like her friend, he could have told her everything, was it not his duty to tell her about his love. Suman says Dhara knew everything. Gautam says Dhara got to know after haldi rasam, Dev told us that he loves Rishita, not Raavi, I had asked them to hide this matter from you, Dhara wanted to bring out the truth, you were asking how did she get hurt, she went to Janardhan’s house to ask for Rishita’s hand, she got insulted and hurt. Suman says she has made Dev’s marriage a drama, she has got me insulted. Dhara cries.

Suman says she was careless, she didn’t check well, my relation with Jagat got fine after many years, I feel its her mistake. Gautam says but Maa… Suman shouts and says next time, control your tone before talking to me, else don’t talk. Dhara apologizes from Gautam’s side. Suman scolds her. Dhara sees Shiva. She asks will you give me what I ask for. Shiva asks what are you saying, you don’t need to ask anything, order me. She says not order. She pleads him. She says I m asking for your right to take the biggest decision of your life, accept Raavi and marry her. Shiva and everyone get shocked.

She says its about a girl’s life, you have seen her, she was going to commit suicide, accept her, I know you hate me, she loves Pandya family, this house, its her dream to become a part of our family, if her dream breaks, then she will die. She cries and says save Raavi, I beg you. Gautam asks what are you saying. Dhara says I m making a mistake again, I m asking Shiva’s life to save Raavi’s life, will we let a girl die for the sake of our happiness.

Shiva says I told you that my life is yours, you just need to give me an order, I will marry Raavi. Everyone gets shocked. Dhara hugs him and cries. She goes to Raavi. Prafulla says let us go from here. She scolds Dhara. Dhara asks Raavi will you become my Shiva’s Gauri. They get shocked. Rishita says we shall marry. Dev says it won’t be right. She says you have to take my responsibility also. Raavi gives a scissor to Dhara.

She says cut down Dev’s name from my heart, tell me, can you write Shiva’s name, no, right, if you cut my heart, you will see love for Dev. Prafulla asks what did you say, tell me, you came here with that mad Shiva’s alliance, I will not let Raavi marry him. Jagat says wait, Dhara is right, Shiva is hot-tempered, but he is clean at heart. Prafulla says he is bad-hearted, he is an illiterate, dirty fellow, he can’t even stand with Raavi. Jagat says enough, I won’t let you ruin Raavi’s life, shut up now. He asks Raavi to understand, Dhara got Shiva’s anger for her betterment, he is good at heart, he understands relations, he will love you and keep you happy. Dev says I have hurt my family emotionally, your family has hurt my Bhabhi, I can’t marry you. Prafulla says don’t agree Raavi.