Pandya Store 6th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Raavi lying to Shiva and going. He says I m in her team, why is she lying to me, something is wrong. Dhara says there is no vegetable, Raavi forgets everything when she is on phone, what shall I cook now. She asks Dev did you see Raavi. Dev says no. Dhara asks why didn’t Suman and Krish eat the breakfast, Gautam had the food. Dev says Gautam always listens to you. Rishita says Raavi is making the videos outside, Suman and Krish are doing the same. She argues with Dhara and Dev. Dhara says maybe Raavi has gone to the market, there is no vegetables to cook, what shall I cook, will you have daal. Dev says I will get the vegetables. Rishita says you don’t know buying vegetables. He asks her to come along. She refuses to go out.

He says you got scared seeing the c section tong at the clinic, don’t worry, we will go and get vegetables. They leave. Dhara says where did Suman go. Suman and Krish are at the police station. Krish says we will go home. Suman says Dhara saved a lady and her baby, she got the baby home, the lady has run away. She tells everything. She says she can come and blame us for kidnapping the baby. Inspector says I understand, don’t worry, Gautam filed a report, we are finding the baby’s mum, contact the child NGO. Krish says you don’t listen to me. He calls Shiva.

Inspector says we will go to your home and talk to your bahu. Shiva follows Raavi. He gets Krish’s call. Raavi goes to the bank. She gets her dress. Shiva says why is she taking a gift from them, who are they. Krish calls again. Shiva asks what’s the problem. Raavi goes. Shiva says where did Raavi go. Dev and rishita buy the vegetables. Krish calls Dev. Dev doesn’t answer. Krish says I can’t call Gautam, I have this last option. Rishita recalls Raavi’s words. Shiva sees Raavi with the guy. The ladies see Raavi and gossip. Shiva says I m Raavi’s husband. Krish calls Dhara. She says Suman got me to the police station, she told everything to the police, police is coming home, they may take Chiku. Dhara is shocked.

She says orphans go to the orphanage, but Chiku isn’t an orphan, I won’t send Chiku to the orphanage. Dev sees some men fighting in the market. He looks for Rishita. Rishita is at the kids wear shop. Dev doesn’t see her there He looks for her. She comes out of the shop and sees the people fighting. She calls out Dev. She cries and leaves. Shiva sees Raavi going with the guy on the bike. She sees Shiva and shouts. Shiva turns and sees Rishita. She says take me to the nursing home for delivery. Shiva says it can be a false alarm, I will go and get Raavi. Rishita says no, see her later. Dev calls out Rishita. She faints. Shiva lifts her and takes her. Dev sees them. Shiva puts Rishita in the auto and takes her. Dev shouts Shiva…. He takes a cycle and goes. Raavi does the ad. Raavi sees Dev going on a cycle. She says why is he going this way on a cycle. Raavi gets her payment.

Suman, Krish and police come home. Krish looks for Dhara. Gautam comes and asks is everything fine. Suman says I got the police, I called you to talk to them about Chiku. She says both Dhara and Chiku aren’t here, call her, its imp work. Gautam gets Dhara’s message…. I m taking Chiku to Ahmedabad to find his mum, I won’t come back till I find her.

Raavi gives the money to Shiva and tells about the bank shoot. Shiva scolds her and asks about the guy.

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